Eye Care Tips For A Safe Diwali

Eye Care Tips For A Safe Diwali

The festival of D all brings with it joy and hope. However, the celebrations can never be complete without fireworks. But one needs to be really careful while watching or handling firecrackers as eye problems relating to these can range from simple itching and redness to grave irreversible injuries like the loss of eyesight. Therefore, eye care is of utmost importance during this festival of lights and parents should make sure children are extremely careful when handling the crackers.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

  • After handling firecrackers or colours, remember to wash your hands with soap.
  • Touching or rubbing your eyes with soiled hands after handling firecrackers can cause redness, itching and infections. It the eyes start itching due to chemicals from firecrackers or the colours and chalk powder of the rangoli entering the eye, one must wash the eye with water immediately. This helps wash out and/or dilute the chemicals from the eye and remove their negative effects.
  • One must see an eye specialist to get the affected eye examined, so that the doctor can prescribe the appropriate medicine like eye drops.
  • Observers should maintain a sate distance from the firecrackers.
  • Make sure children are always supervised while lighting firecrackers.
  • Wearing safety glasses while playing with firecrackers can prove to be vital in the event of a mishap.
  • The fumes from firecrackers can cause irritation to the eyes of contact lens wearers; hence it would be wise to avoid wearing contact lens in the proximity of firecrackers. Wear glasses for that period of time, to avoid eye problems.
  • The bright light from the firecrackers can be harmful to the eye. Children should be warned against looking continuously at the sparks emanating from the firecrackers to avoid straining the eyes.

Wearing safety glasses while playing with firecrackers can prove to be vital in the event of a mishap

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