Vastu And The Natural World

Vastu And The Natural World

In today’s era, vastu is recognised as a science and is widely used in our day-to-day life. Vastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature and living in tune with nature is the definition of vastu. On one hand, it narrates the value of the five elements of nature and on the other hand it supports preserving natures significance and sanctity. This is the reason why a large chapter in vastu shastra narrates the directions and importance of plants and trees.

Nature comprises of flora and fauna, beautiful scenes, chirping birds and soothing breeze. All of these, form a nice environment that makes life charming. Vaidic vastu shastra sports nature and all ¡ts attributes that together form life energy in the environment. Following the tenets of vastu may seem very complicated for those who look at it as a mystic subject, but it is actually quite simple.

Importance Of Directions For Trees

According to vastu, directions are important while referring to their benefits and medicinal properties. It is astonishing that almost 99.9 per cent trees, plants and herbs have healing. curing and nutritious qualities. The size of trees is also referred to in vastu at large. For example, large trees are to be planted in the west and south of a house to protect them from harmful ultraviolet rays and to create a peaceful positive aura due to their ability of giving out oxygen.

Vaidic vastu shastra supports nature and all its attributes that together form life energy in the environment

According to traditional vastu, growing a peepal tree in the west is good for health. Similarly, having a gular tree in the south, a tamarind tree in the south west and a beltree in the north-west direction is good for all-round health, wealth and harmony. In the past, rural areas always supported flora and most of the local courts were held below a huge. dense tree.

Trees and plants exude positive vibes and make one feel tranquil. li is also true that it one stays for a long time near a neem tree, tulsi plant, amia or kadamb tree, the body immediately relaxes. Therefore, vastu always supports the growing of more trees.

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