Somesh kumar as the new CS of Telangana

Hyderabad: Someskumar has been appointed as the Chief Secretary (CS) of Telangana Government. To this end, the relevant file was signed by KCR. He belongs to Bihar .. He is a 1989 batch IAS officer. After the partition, I assigned the cadre to the AP cadre and went to the Cat and remain in Telangana. Someshkumar will remain CS until December 2023. SK Joshi, who served as CS till now, will retire today. The government has appointed Ayan as irrigation consultant. The orders were issued to this extent.

SK Joshi, who served for two years as the Secretary-General of Telangana Government, retired earlier this month. CM KCR looked into the matter of appointing someone in his place. Focus on the names of some who continue to be special general secretaries. Some of them are in the state service, while others are in the central service. There have been reports that one of the key officials in the state government could be appointed as a CS. Eventually the same happened.

Senior IASs Ajay Mishra, Somesh Kumar, Rajeshwar Tiwari, Shantikumari and Chitra Ramachandran were named in the CS post race. The names of Athar Sinha, Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, Vasudha Mishra, Shalini Mishra and BP Acharya were also heard. However, it is learned that the officer who is close to the CM KCR is likely to be the general secretary of the government. According to sources, there is a major rivalry between Ajay Mishra and Somesh Kumar in the CS race. Eventually, Somesh Kumar Vaipai CM KCR favored.


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