How to prepare yourself for the RBSE Board Exams 2020?

One has to prepare hard for their board examinations in order to pass and fare well in them. The qualifying exams in India are also known as the board exams which are conducted by various boards across the country. There is a total of 50 boards that the Government of Indian recognises and hence if you want to pass your board exams you will have to register with one of the boards and give the qualifying exams, one in class X and the other in class XII. Each of the boards that the Indian Government recognises is also based on the states from where they are conducted. One such board is the Raj Edu Board or the RBSE which stands for Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education.

What is the RSBE or the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education?

It was almost 60 years ago that on the 4th of December, 1957 that the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education was formed. It is responsible for overlooking the secondary education and conducts the examinations of the students who are registered under this board. As the name suggests, this board is exclusively for the students who are studying in Rajasthan and it has various schools that are registered under it. Also sometimes referred to as the BSER or the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan, this is a unit of the Rajasthan state and is managed not by the centre but by the state in question. The BSER also has a headquarter which is located in Ajmer, Rajasthan. This board of secondary education found itself in the folds of the Indian constitution through the Rajasthan Secondary Education Act, 1957. It conducts secondary level examinations for all students who get registered for the examination under this board. The process of getting registered is pretty simple. There are many schools that fall under the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education in the state, which follow the syllabus that is prescribed by the board. When students reach the stage of the secondary examination, they get registered for the board exams of the Raj Edu Board and hence can sit for the examinations on the scheduled dates. The timetables are published beforehand so that the students can prepare themselves accordingly for the examinations.

Types of examination conducted under the RBSE

There are four types of examinations which are basically conducted by the board. One is the basic secondary level school examination or +10 examination, second is the secondary examination for the senior level or the 10+2 examination, third is the Praveshika Pareeksha or the +10 level examination with Sanskrit Shiksha and the Varishtha Upadhayay Pareeksha or the 10+2 level examination with Sanskrit Shiksha. Regular students may also take part in the “Science Talent Search Examination” which is also conducted by the Raj Edu Board to provide an academic impetus to all interested candidates.

Subjects that are taught by the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education

Just like any other state or central board, the basic subjects are taught under the Rajasthan Board of Education as well. Let us take a look at the list of subjects that are taught under the RBSE.

Secondary level school examination  or +10 examination syllabus Senior level or the 10+2 examination
1.    English2.    Hindi

3.    Rajasthan Adhayyan

4.    Any Third Language from a choice of 8 languages

5.    Mathematics

6.    Social Science

7.    Science

8.    Art Education

9.    Health and Physical education

10.  Information Technology and its foundation

11.  C. S and S.U.P.W

Note: For the Praveshika Pareeksha, the Raj Edu Board syllabus remains the same with the exception of the Third Language option being replaced by Sanskrit.

1.    Hindi (Compulsory)2.    English (Compulsory)

3.    Rajasthan Adhyayyan (Compulsory)

4.    Arts (Optional)- have to pick sub subjects from given options


Science(Optional)- have to pick sub subjects from given options


Commerce(Optional)- have to pick sub subjects from given options


Agriculture(optional)-have to pick sub-subjects from given options

How to prepare for the Raj Edu Board exams?

  • There are very few simple yet time-tested and effective ways through which you will be able to prepare yourself properly for the board exams. Come, let us take a look at some of them:
  • The timetable of the examinations is provided quite early in the starting of the academic year. It is very important to make sure that you know the dates beforehand and you start your preparation, at least a year in advance.
  • Take a look at past years’ question papers in order to get an idea about the question pattern. Start solving these question papers within a set time that is given during the examination because practice makes perfect.
  • Every board comes with its own syllabus and set of books. Make sure that you have all the textbooks as well as the reference books prescribed by the Raj Edu Board because these are key essentials for faring well in your exams.
  • Divide your preparation phase into two parts. Devote the initial half of the year for collecting and gathering notes. It is very important to have all that you need at your hand. Then the last few months leading up to the board exams should be spent on revising the collected data and not gathering them.
  • You will have to make sure that you have all the basic concepts clear, especially when it comes to the board exams because you might get trick questions which you should be able to answer correctly and on the spot.
  • Some subjects entail a practical exam before the written examination. If you do well you can score really high in your practise exams. So make sure you ace your practical examinations.
  • It is very important to have a basic routine while you study. It should never be all work and no play because surely that will make you a dull boy! You need to keep your grey cells active and for that, it is important that you take enough study breaks for 15-20mins at least.
  • Lead a very disciplined and healthy life while preparing for the boards, because this is a time when you cannot afford to fall ill.

Prepare well for your Raj Edu Board and ace them. All the best!

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