How To Encourage Your Kids To Eat Those Veggies

How To Encourage Your Kids To Eat Those Veggies

We are well aware that the growth period of infants is extremely crucial, especially during the transition period when they are being weaned off breast milk. This is when babies are required to consume solid foods, which should essentially comprise of healthy vegetables.

However, making them eat their fill of crunchy and nutritious veggies is not as simple as it may seem. Mothers face a tough time in incorporating vegetables in their babies’ diet as their taste buds are more inclined towards sweet treats. But for proper nutrition as well as vitamins and minerals from food, there is nothing more apt than vegetables. Hence parents may have to adopt some unique ways of making their children love veggies. Here are some tips.


Give your toddler a daily portion of vegetables and fruits as snacks. You can pack them in colourful bowls and in plain sight, inside the refrigerator.

Start with a little something, to at least get them in the habit of eating healthy. Consuming the vegetables and fruits can be crucial, rather than the amount consumed. Also, children’s serving portions should be comparatively small than adults.

Encourage your little ones to have the veggies in any form, to begin with, as all of them are healthy.

If you constantly depend on an unhealthy diet, there is a possibility that your children can grow up believing what you do is normal. He/she might end up following your habits and hamper their health.

Try eating together. If the veggies and snacks or fruits are consumed in front of your toddlers, they are more likely to get influenced and meet their fruit and vegetable requirements in the same manner.

Take your little ones out with you for grocery shopping and let them pick their favourite veggies and fruits from the vast and colourful plethora of options available. This will instill a sense of power in them to choose what they like best and will increase their tendency to eat the same.

Involving them in assembling vegetables for salads or for cooking, will make them feel interested and entice them to try these healthy treats.

Never try force-feeding them veggies as this might make them hate these powerhouses of nutrients for good.

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