Overcoming Stress At Work Place In Just 27 Days!

Overcoming Stress At Work Place In Just 27 Days!

Do you know the secret to maintain mental peace while at work? Are you mistaking absence of happiness for stress? Take this 27 day challenge to UNWIND yourself from the stress!

Uninstall’ The Previous You And Not The Previous Work

List down a major task you like the least to work on. You shall unwind these tasks to be stress free this month by the final 27th day. The major criteria on day 1 is to know your challenges at the workplace which drain your mental energy and list them down, preferably four, which are interlinked.

DAY 2 -8
‘Note’ The Person And Not The Work

You are going to link the four major tasks to different people at the workplace. The criteria is to meet one new person from other departments whom you have never spoken to.

DAY 9- 15
W – Win The ‘Challenge Within’ To Challenge The Work Outside

If you are facing a situation or task which is burdening you at the workplace, you always have the option to approach your ‘reporting manager. ‘ Each day, identify one suggestion you may provide to your manager and take a suggestion from him or her.

DAY 16 – 22
‘Identify’ The Comfortable Work Person And Not The Workplace

This week shall be a reflection on what could be better if you were suddenly promoted. Assume you were your own boss for a week. What would you have suggested to yourself on the four tasks mentioned by you? Reflect each day with a new reason to convince yourself as ‘your own boss.’

DAY 23 – 26
‘Nurture’ The Perfection To De-Stress And Not To Perfect Yourself

Here, each day you shall reflect on one major task and write down possible solutions to it. Remember to differentiate the solutions which are under your control and which are not. A wise employee can be identified by the ability to distinguish these aspects.

DAY 27
D – Decide Or Dispute On The Final Day

Remember that every person at the same workplace had his or her own first ‘bad day’ at work during some point or the other. Be compassionate to anyone feeling low at work and share the principle of U.N.W.I.N.D with them to help them as it helped you. Respect your own decision and follow it.

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