Here’s How Cleanliness Can Help You Live A Better Life!

Here’s How Cleanliness Can Help You Live A Better Life!

Thanks to the endless efforts of humans over the last few years, an obsolete word ‘Cleanliness’ has suddenly emerged in the form of the most important aspect of our daily lives! Consequently, common man is now realising that if he can keep his home and surroundings clean, he may stay healthy.

Factors like social media influence, political push and education are the driving forces of the cleanliness movement. This is because, besides offering us good health, cleanliness has multiple roles to play in our personal, social, mental and spiritual life. So here are some obvious and invisible benefits of internal and external cleanliness that was defined in Indian classics, thousands of years ago.

Promotes Mental Purity

No one can uplift personal wisdom, without mental purity which is possible only through purifying one’s visible and invisible surroundings. For students, hygiene creates a better environment and surrounding for concentration and learning. For a patient, it helps in keeping the area germs-free for fast recovery from ailments. Refreshing surroundings also promote an optimistic approach towards life. Hence, sickness may be tackled with tidiness.

Enhances And Heightens Spirituality

If we learn to keep our surroundings neat and clean, our journey to evolve spiritually, is half achieved, because it requires purity of the environment – it requires an undefined aroma, the unsung melody, and transformation of spirituality from basic to higher and from higher to the ultimate level.

A neat and clean abode may be the medium to achieve the maximum output of the day. In olden days, houses were treated like temples and proper sanctity of the interiors was maintained. The interior used to be well lit and the earthen floors were purified with cow dung.

People used to get up at dawn and used to perform few devotional practises after taking a bath in the nearest river, pond or other water source. During those days, people were very healthy, their stamina to work was high and their intellectual approach was very positive.

Can Transform One’s Personality

There is a lot of positive energy seen in those who live in neat and clean areas. They have a charm on their faces, a brightness on their skin, a refreshing mood and positive thinking. On the other hand, those living in dirty conditions are surrounded with negativity. They are dull, lethargic, usually indulge in baseless arguments, use abusive language and shirk hard work. On the other hand, a hygienic person is found to follow a systematic approach, is comparatively more analytical, calm and has a progressive mind-set.

Changes One’s Approach Towards Life

Cleanliness is something that is deeply connected with our minds. It is very difficult to have a positive approach, generate good ideals and to have a constructive thinking process in an unhygienic area. Poverty is indeed distressing for humankind, but it is not a curse.

The real curse is living in an unhealthy, unhygienic and a polluted environment that adversely affects one’s financial, conceptual, cultural and social status. The experience of living with serenity teaches one to cleanse their soul and enlighten their inner self. This is the stage from where the journey to enrichment of economic, social, mental and physical growth starts.

Cleanliness Loves Cleanliness

The principle of attraction applies here. As positive thinking attracts positivity and negative thinking attracts negativity. When it comes to cleanliness, one finds it hard to dump the garbage/waste in a hygienic area that shines like glass, exudes pleasant fragrances and feels refreshing!

Therefore, we often look for a junkyard to dispose all the household garbage. Unhygienic conditions play a negative role in our society. Clutter increases stress levels, create confusions in our life and makes it problematic as well. It also drains mental peace and adversely affects performance!

Cleanliness Is Easy To Practice Purity and holiness are two ways to attain true enhanced spirituality. Therefore, we must first try to achieve physical holiness so that it becomes easier to achieving mental, spiritual and intellectual holiness. This practice will also definitely help us to become a true human being – with no ego, lust, anger, feeling of revenge, etc.

It is not difficult to incorporate cleanliness and hygiene in our daily lives – it’s simply the matter of introspection and self-analysis. Becoming organized is also one of the keys to achieve all-round success! This is because, a systematic approach towards cleanliness may be greatly helpful in enhancing our decision-making capabilities.

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