Let The Creative Artist In You Out!

Let The Creative Artist In You Out!

Each one of us possesses an artistic spirit, as it is one’s style of being in oneness and connecting to one’s inner self, Art of any kind helps one to explore, innovate and live up to one’s dream to a certain extent. And this eventually leads to an extremely gratifying level of existence.

Art And Creativity
Art and creativity are interchangeable and inter-connected. However, the intensity, strength and level of connection may differ from person to person. As much as creativity is dependent on the environment for inspiration and ideas, the expression of the same, is dependent on the artistic nature of an individual and the medium one adopts to make it known to the world.

Art in any medium, strengthens the creativity of a person in several ways. It makes one think and choose between obvious, versus different. It leads one to brainstorm and exceptional flashes of ideas occur, thereby cementing one’s creative thought process.

Fine-Tunes Creative Pursuits
The psychological concept of functional fixedness where an individual uses the much used and monotonous way of thinking as a habit, can be tackled through artistic expression as art is an open area where a lot of exploration is possible, thereby, fine-tuning a person’s creative pursuits. It unlocks an individual’s suppressed ideas at the subconscious or even unconscious level and thereby brings out inner creativity.

Encourages Enhanced Imagination
Dr Benjamin Bloom, who has suggested pioneering ideas for the field of education talks about Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) which is very relevant to the area of art and creativity. Thus, art modifies creativity by making one think beyond, leading to out-of-the-box thinking.

Art is expressed by people depending on their passions and interests. Yoga for instance, through its various asanas and breathing procedures opens the creative faculties of an individual, leading to a healing process at an internal level. It makes one available to explore and be creative.

Corresponds To A Modality Of Intelligence
Howard Gardner, a renowned psychologist who came up with the concept and theory of multiple intelligence, mentions that there are eight different modalities of intelligence like linguistic, logical, visual, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and kinaesthetic. The kinaesthetic intelligence talks about people who learn and understand concepts which are activity-based And art is one such form.

Supports Treatment And Healing
Expressive art is another fast emerging area which links art, creativity, and emotional expressions. Hence, the creative modality of expressive art is being used to treat various kinds psychological disorders for many different age groups, from children to adults.

The need to be creative complements the artistic ability of an individual, thereby leading to ultimate gratification.

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