Leave The Scores And Go For Skills

Leave The Scores And Go For Skills

There is an increased requirement for certain skills to be developed in you as a lifetime investment

The creativity in you is often blocked when you focus on developing only one side of your brain. Thinking in a divergent manner. letting every aspect of your talent to develop will enhance your personality.

A fulltime socially appreciated course with a focus on academics is still considered mainstream, but equal importance should also be given to the passions and talents that lie within, If they are not initiated, they might remain unexplored. And who knows, you might actually turn out to be the next star in your chosen field!

Most universities are paying keen attention towards an overall development of the student, as the youth of today are the future leaders of our country. And attaining full marks or coming first in college is not going to be enough to become one.

There is an increased requirement for certain skills to be developed in you as a lifetime investment. And these can be achieved by participating in a lot of activities like sports, dramatics, theatre. art forms including music, dancing, painting, sketching, writing. etc. The list is endless!

Sports for instance, enhances your concentration levels leading to a more focused and optimistic you. And this might, in reality, be of much help while you study. Team sports like cricket, basketball, soccer and water polo teach you lessons like team-building and leadership.

Also, any form of art brings out hidden talents in you making you a better individual, developing a sense of empathy, improving your imagination, making you a keen observer, enhancing your visionary dimensions, teaching you lifetime skills like time management and better decision making abilities.

And the result of the above, is nothing but a groomed you in all essentials of life. Life does not revolve around numbers but ¡t revolves around the path that we choose in order to absorb immeasurable skills and attitudes.

Thus, opt for a course and a university that brings out all these skills In you and reject the one that targets only academic excellence. For, scores you might forget, but lifetime attitudes, you will never!

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