How to Stop Procrastinating?

Prevent Procrastination With Music

Music in more ways than one, can help educatetiìe mind into finishing what was started

Procrastination always pampers the mind and encourages the ‘well see tomorrow’ mentality. This pushes one towards negative thought processes and actions because we may have goals, ways to make these goals true and also a belief in oneself as well, but the problem is, because of our procrastination, we only end up planning and nothing else.

Music, in more ways than one, can help educate the mind into finishing what was started as it works as a medicine in fighting procrastination. Music helps gain clarity rather than applying the usual negativity that goes along the lines of, ‘maybe tomorrow,’ ‘I won’t be able to,’ etc.

Embrace Music

When the part of our brain that craves for instant gratification dominates the rational part of our brains, procrastination is given a free reign in our lives. The situation becomes dire when this need to gratify oneself becomes an addiction or a habit.

The root cause is an uncontrolled or unfocused mind. But the good news is that these problems can easily subside by embracing music and listening to the same, on a daily basis.

Approximately, ninety per cent of the youth love music. Either they listen to music a lot, or they aim to learn a particular instrument. To be precise, guitar has a huge fan following.

Adopting a small project of playing the guitar (or some other musical instrument) daily for 15 minutes can result in a stable, disciplined, productive mind, which can gradually prepare one to commit to higher agendas.

Listen To The Ragas

The moment the mind concludes, let’s chill with friends, work can start tomorrow,’ a procrastinator gets trapped amidst a deep addiction, Listening to a few Indian ragas for 15 minutes a day, enhances focus and thus gives one an inclination towards, let’s do it.

Ragas like keeravani, desh or madhu varshini improves focus effectually and can instil physical vitality. Also, certain sell-created negative myths can be vanquished by playing the raga suddha dhanyasi which helps abate mental dilemma and indecisiveness.

A very important reason why one cannot take the first step is when one lacks the incentive or is unsure about the agendas. The lack of clarity leads to non-concentrative bias. Listening to the raga subhapantuvarali for half an hour activates the sahasrara chakra which motivates one to form an agenda and finish what was started.

In the end it always means more to cultivate determination in sticking with self-imposed deadlines. Personal resilience and vigour in seeing things till the end is also very important is avoiding procrastination.

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