How to file a complaint online to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

There are many ways you can contact Prime Minister of India regarding any query or complaint, below is the list of those ways .

1. Official Website of Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

If you have any complaint and you want to tell the government of India or you to make a complaint to the Indian Prime Minister then here you can know how to file a complaint to Indian Prime Minister online?

You can make a complaint from your home to honorable Prime Minister “Shri Narendra Modi”, the great prime minister of India. You need to go through the “Prime Minister of India” online website. It is an official website of the Indian Prime Minister. You need to visit this website and scroll down. You get a section “Interact with PM”

This section provides two option. In the first option, you can share your ideas, insights, and thoughts. In the second option is “write to Prime Minister”. If you have any idea then you can go through the first section or if you have any complaint or you want to information something then you can go through the second option “Write to Prime Minister”. When you click on this link you navigate to page where you need to fill your details like name, complainant category, Country, address, State, district, phone No., email id, grievance category, and enter your grievance description, you can also add your documents, and submit your complaint online on “Prime Minister of India” portal.

If you want to check the status of your complaint then you need to go through You can check on right-hand side “View Grievance Status” link. Go to this link put your registration number and view your status. Sometimes you need also put your mobile number which you register your complaint and fill captcha to get status of your complaint.

2. Narendra Modi App

You can download NaMo (Narendra Modi) app from the play store using this link.

You can directly receive emails and messages directly from the PM using the app.

Narendra Modi Mobile App

Official App of Narendra Modi. It brings to you latest information, instant updates & helps you contribute towards various tasks. It provides a unique opportunity to receive messages and emails directly from the Prime Minister.

Download the app and get the latest updates anywhere, anytime!

Highlights of the Narendra Modi app:

• Receive the latest news and updates
• Attractive infographics that illustrate the work of the NDA government to transform India.
• Exclusive opportunity to receive E-Mails & Messages directly from the PM.
• ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with the PM.
• Exciting features that empower you to contribute towards making a positive difference in society.
• Thoughtful forums where you can share your ideas, views and deliberate with a wide range of people.
• Small Tasks, Big Satisfaction: Contribute & earn Badges through the to-do tasks.
• Your chance to Interact with the PM & share Ideas & Suggestions.
• Never miss out thoughts from PM Modi, read his Blogs.
• Be the first to get NaMo merchandise and contribute to BJP with micro-donations
• Read about PM Modi’s Governance initiatives & achievements.
• Learn more about PM Modi’s efforts augmenting India’s Global Recognition.
• Receive personalised Birthday Greetings from the PM

3. Write a letter to the PMO: You can write a letter or postcard to the following address of the prime minister. There are chances that you may get reply if your letter has the right cause.

152, South Block,

Raisina Hill,

New Delhi – 110011

Source: Google Knowledge Panel.

You can contact PMO through social media

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Facebook –

Instagram –

YouTube –

Linkedin –

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