Energy Vibrations And Their Impact On Us

Energy Vibrations And Their Impact On Us

Self-grooming includes all human traits from looks to behaviour, from dressing up, to presentation of oneself and from learning to applying in practical life. On one hand these are the conscious conducts of a human being which requires a systematic approach and thinking process. Vastu Shastra too plays a direct and vital role in defining our physical, intellectual and social grooming. Mentioned here are few vastu guidelines which may help in clarifying the basic fundamentals of energy vibrations and their direct and indirect impact on us.

Gifts From God
Experience the natural energies like morning sun rays, oxygen rich cool breeze, the transparent natural light and freshness. The dawn is the most valuable gift from God. unmatched in terms of its multiple benefits enhancing our immune power, blessing excellent vibrations and positive aura. Hence, vastu advocates getting up early.

Practicing Positivity
One should practice to locate positive things and shut the eyes towards negative thoughts. Appreciate nature, vegetation, people, creatures and the weather. Look for something creative in each incident and perceive each hindrance as an opportunity to learn and stay balanced. Practice patience and you will find that nothing is negative. Try to bring a smile on your face so that wrinkles will fade away. It you find it difficult to practice all these nice things, it is advised to get up early in the morning and walk slowly on green ass that is wet with dew drops. This may create a more positive aura and excellent thoughts will start approaching the mind. That is what we need and expect from the vastu tenets.

Organizing Your Wardrobe
Clothes are light weighted objects which can be placed or hanged in all four directions but used or dirty clothes should be in kept in the west or south and preferably in the washing area. Shoes can be placed at the bottom of any wardrobe or in specifically designed shoe racks but should not be kept in a cupboard which is being used for cash, jewellery and other precious items. The drawers should always be dosed and maintained properly. Any unusual noise or creaking. screeching or pushing is negative. So, take care of the drawers and doors of the dressing area Oil the hinges regularly. Also, old make-up items should be thrown out. because the presence of dead items enhances negative energy.

Dressing Area Pointers
This area is very crucial, as it impacts our overall personality. According to vastu, the dressing room should be in the north-west or in the west area of your home. The mirror should be either on the eastern wall or on the northern wall. But if the dressing mirror is used inside the bedroom, it should not reflect on the bed in which you sleep.

Round shaped mirrors are considered best for ladies and a vertically rectangular mirror aids proper dressing up for gents. The mirror should not be cracked or blurred. A few ladies stick their used or rejected bindis on the dressing table mirror – this Is a negative action that generates negative vibes. The perfumes should be stored in the north or north-east direction in the dressing area. Combs and brushes should be anywhere except in the north-east direction and should be property cleaned after every use.

Colour Choices And Our Aura
According to aura science, it is the body-chemistry that helps us in choosing a particular colour because our aura (also known as halo) is made of seven colours like VIBGYOR. Every time one or the other change takes place in the ratio, the quantity or spread of these colours and our inner conscious advises us to select an apparel made of the colour which is either missing or deficient due to some reason.

So, in order to compensate that colour in our aura, our sub conscious mind motivates us to wear that particular colour. It may happen that we repeatedly select the same or similar shades of outfits every day from our wardrobe or purchase the shades of clothes we already have.

The day your aura will get the required ratio of that colour, it shall be balanced and then the next reducing colour will start influencing you. This is a natural course whereby nature tries to compensate each deficiency in us, unconsciously. For example, to compensate a calcium deficiency. a small child may try to eat clay, an earthen pot or similar objects unconsciously. This is not good, but is a way in which nature motivates us unknowingly to compensate the deficiency. So, follow the colour command of your inner consciousness.

Spa Sounds That Heal!

Transform Your Home Into A Spa!

“This season, powder blues and pale pinks are a current rage, so if you decide on redoing your home, ask for shades like serenity and rose quartz”

Getting back to a warm and inviting home after a long tiring day at work or relaxing and unwinding in comfort after completing one’s daily chores, is what everyone looks forward to. So, wouldn’t it be heavenly it you could transform your home into a spa-like alluring space? The truth is, you can! Just follow these simple pointers:

  • Get some fresh flowers, they are a visual delight and spread their natural aroma creating the best effect for relaxing.
  • Scented candles have the ability to transport one to a mystical world.
  • There are numerous varieties available. right from lavender to lemon grass, jasmine to citrusy tones, the options are endless!
  • You can also opt for plain white candles that are not infused with scents.
  • Candles give a tranquil and soothing effect and work pretty well to calm the mind.
  • Design your living space with neutral shades and not loud and bold colours.
  • Too many bright colours or dark shades have an effect on the mind and lack the warmth of beige or cream colours.
  • A combination of soothing colours with a subtle tone, for instance, a beige colour sofa with maroon cushions is a perfect colour combination.
  • Also, white backgrounds with turquoise accessories make a stunning match.
  • The lighting in your home too matters a lot, Morning sunlight can brighten up the entire day and leave a spirited air around the entire house.
  • Ideally, one should draw the curtains aside in the morning to welcome the morning sun rays.

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