CBSE States Students should have 75% Attendance to appear Class 10, 12 Board Exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) released many new updates for 2020 CBSE Board Exams which includes two-level maths to a lesser number of questions. Recently, the board comes up with one more notice for students which is related to attendance.

On 2nd January 2020, CBSE Board announced a new notice to the students who are going to appear for CBSE 10 & 12 Board Exams 2020. Students must have a minimum of 75% attendance to appear for Class 10th and 12th board examinations which will be held by CBSE.

In the latest notice, the board clearly directed to all schools to calculate students’ attendance as on January 1, 2020, who are appearing for class 12 and 10 board exams in this year 2020.

Students who are having less than 75% percent of attendance will not be permitted to appear for the board examinations, as per the rule stated by CBSE.

CBSE Class 10 and 12 Board Exams 2020 will start from February 15th, 2020. Admit cards will be given to those students who have above 75 percent attendance. Schools need to list a shortage of attendance cases and would reach to regional offices by January 2020. Thereafter, regional offices will take the final decision and communicate to schools on or January 21st. The board will provide its final approval last by February 7, 2020.

In case, students have a genuine reason for the shortage of attendance, they need to submit the relevant supporting documents with the authorities by 7th January 2020.

CBSE board mentioned the ‘Valid reasons for condonation of shortage of attendance’ in its official notification.

1. Loss of father/ mother/ or some other such incident leading to student’s absence from school (documents: request from parents, death certificate).

2. Prolonged illness (documents: medical certificate, medical reports, x-rays and requests from the parents).

3. Authorized participation in sports at the national level organized by CBSE/SGFI (documents: request from parents, certificates issued by concerned authority).

4. Authorized participation in sports at the national/ international level organized by recognized parents (docs: request from parents, a recommendation from sports authority of India or recommendation of schools concerned in the proforma attached).

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