Rajasthan: Schools to promote students on average marks till class 7th

JAIPUR: Private schools in the state have decided to promote students till class VII based on their average marks.

All schools in the state have been closed till March 30 as per the directions issued by the state government. A few private schools had to cancel their final exams due to the orders and this was a problem as the new session will start in April. Hence, the association of private schools has decided to promote students to the next class on basis of their average marks.

Anil Sharma, state head of School Shiksha Pariwar Rajasthan said that this will help students and schools. “Some private schools had finished with their exams but in many schools exams were going on. We must abide by the orders of the government as it is in the interest of the students, so we have decided to promote students till class VII. This decision has been taken by all the private English medium schools of CBSE and RBSE boards. Students will be promoted based on their performance in half-yearlies and other tests,” said Sharma.

Many schools have already started to take these steps. Madhu Maini, principal of Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur said that in their school marks are not based on final exams. “We have tests all through the year. So, if a student misses final exam, he/she can be promoted based on other tests,” said Maini.
Many schools in Jaipur city had declared a holiday earlier than usual due to the spread of coronavirus. Morning assemblies were already postponed and students were asked to bring hand sanitisers with them as a precautionary measure.

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