Bed Wetting at age 8

Best Remedies To Curb Bed Wetting

Children between five and six years of age often wet the bed while sleeping. And though the causes for this ¡s not too clear, it has been generally agreed by experts that bed wetting occurs mainly during a transitional period that eventually leads to a child gaining bladder control at night.

It has been estimated that almost 15 per cent of the children wet their bed after the age of five. This can be attributed to these children falling into a heavy sleep or less impressively, them being too lazy to get out of bed. We take a look at a few bed wetting remedies that can help children get rid of this habit.

Regulating The Habit

Moisture Alarms
This is an innovative method to eventually stop a child from wetting his/her bed. Moisture alarms would essentially wake a child up the moment he/she wets his bed. Despite this sounding like a rather cruel method to stop a child from wetting his/her bed, moisture alarms have been found to be 75 per cent effective in teaching a child bladder control. This is because. moisture alarms condition the brain of a child to control his/her bladder to avoid being woken up from a deep slumber.

Waterproof Mattresses
For parents who tried and failed with the idea of moisture alarms, the next logical step would be to buy a waterproof mattress and simply wait for your child to grow up. Asking the child to help in changing the bed sheets in the morning is also another way of assuring that the child knows about his/her accidents’ at night and awareness urges him/her in trying not to repeat the ‘accident’ ¡n the future.

Use Of The Toilet Before Bed
Time This is a time tested method that has a 50 per cent success rate with any child who has taken to bed wetting as a habit at night. To be sure, this would not be a permanent solution for a child wetting his/her bed, but can ensure that the bed will be dry in the morning until the child naturally gives up the habit.

Controlling Your Anger
It is important not to get angry with a child who wets his/her bed. This kind of pressure will only make the problem worse. Acknowledge it is a problem, but do not shame the child and make him/her feel like they are the only ones suffering from this problem. The child has to understand that bedwetting is quite normal among his age group and that it is a habit that he/she will eventually get rid of.


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