Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women across the globe. So here are some measures for the prevention of breast cancer by managing the risk factors.

Weight Control
Maintaining a healthy weight is a necessity as being overweight or obese leads to many health complications and exposes one to the possibility of developing cancer. Breast cancer is most prevalent in obese women, post-menopause.

Being Physically Active
It is a golden rule to invest thirty minutes in exercise per day, for good health and for an active lifestyle. Exercising regularly greatly reduces the risk of cancer and other lifestyle-induced medical conditions.

Eating Veggies Fruits And Saying No To Alcohol
Consuming a lot of fresh veggies and fruits is important. Also, cutting down on alcohol intake completely or to the bare minimum, reduces the risk of breast cancer to a large degree.

No Smoking
Smokers and passive smokers alike are exposed to the development of cancer due to smoking. It tops the list of items that demote the quality of life and increases the chances of heart diseases, cancers, etc. Further breast cancer is the most commonly induced cancer caused by smoking.

Opt To Breastfeed
Apart from the innumerable health benefits of breastfeeding babies, women who breastfeed are at a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Avoid Birth Control Pills After 35
The intake of birth control pills, especially after the age of 35, increases the risk of acquiring breast cancer. Additionally, the possibility is even more in women who smoke. Birth control pills are however good at reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancy, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer. Nevertheless, it is best to discuss this with your doctor.

Avoid Post- Menopausal Hormones
Medicines that artificially induce hormones in your body shouldn’t be taken for long periods, as these majorly increase the risk of breast cancer. Hence, it is advised to discuss the benefits and risks of post-menopausal hormone meds with your doctor before consuming it.

Know Your Family History
Women who have a family history of cancer instances need to take special measures to prevent and safeguard themselves from this disease.

Go For Screening Regularly
It is advised to get yourself regularly screened with mammograms according to your age and the risk rate of developing breast cancer. It is also necessary for you to be aware of how your breasts feel or look to report any changes to the doctor.

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