How To Help’ Someone Who Is Depressed

How To Help’ Someone Who Is Depressed

One can help by bo a depressed person’s morale and by lifting their spirits to fight back!

As far back as most can recall, man’s existence has been a roller coaster ride. The one who enjoys the good phases of life has either already experienced the storm, emerging as a stronger personality, or will go through some low phases later in life. In this beautiful journey, life keeps teaching us in its own style. Also, some fight through troublesome phases, while others get emotionally shattered due to some harsh realities and often go into depression.

Symptoms Of Depression

A depressed person will prefer staying isolated – both socially and personally. And it will be easy to judge one, based on their level of interaction and reaction to things. However, a person socializing well and laughing for everything, cannot be exempted, as some of them are simply good at hiding their emotions in the initial stage. Thus, you need to be attentive to people around and the pain will speak their signs.

What Makes One Susceptible To Depression?

It could be almost anything. Maybe something bad happened earlier and this leaves a strong impression in one’s heart, so much so, that the person doesnt even know when it turns into depression!

A person gets depressed when the current reality is out of sync with what was expected from life. Thus, every thought is a battle and every single breath is a war, when one thinks they are not winning anymore. Thus, depression curtails self-esteem inexplicably. It also curtains vision and makes one feel helpless, at times.

How Can You Help?

We all experience terrible events at some point in our lives and thus, surely understand how it feels to be emotionally drained. It takes a heart to understand another person’s problems and to be with them, as strongly as we would want someone to stand for us. Fortunately, there are numerous ways by which one can lend a helping hand to support individuals overcome this difficult phase. Here are some guidelines.

Boost The Person’s Morale
Depression is a state whereby a person believes, ‘l am not living, but surviving’ – it is an overwhelming sense of numbness and desire for anything to help pass, one day into another. One can help by boosting a depressed person’s morale and by lifting their spirits to fight back and by not allowing the suffering to take over.

Become Their Support System
When a person says, ‘l am okay’ he/she often expects someone to look into his/her eyes and say, ‘I know you’re not.’ Our lives are a constant battle between wanting to be alone, but definitely not lonely. Compassionate gestures like a small talk and strong support will make unhappy souls feel protected and also motivate them to overcome a rough phase.

Be A Listener:
Sometimes, a person doesn’t need a brilliant mind that sparks ideas to overcome hurdles. They just need a humble heart that listens. In certain cases, we all exhibit similar traits and in despair almost all of us need a careful listener. So be that ear to the soul that is weeping and help him/her get out of the mourning phase. It feels good to have someone trust you enough. So be that person!

Allow Them Their Space:
Dejected people often shut themselves out completely and you may find them staring at the wall not concerned about who says what. Because at that moment, they just don’t exist! So if you want to help, you will need to understand what they want at the moment and give them their space and time to heal themselves.

Compassionate gestures like a small talk and strong support will make unhappy souls feel protected and also motivate them to overcome a rough phase

Motivate Them To Write In A Diary:
Dispirited people are desolated enough to express their feelings and verbalising their distress is the best remedy for a grieving person. Hence, psychologists suggest writing in a diary to eliminate negative thoughts. People do not always want to share things with others and writing down those feelings might just help them vent it all out! Often, written words helps one realise their mistakes or where steps could have been taken, for putting things right.

Take The Support Of Counselling Sessions:
A huge crowd of known people are of no comfort if there is no one to rely upon to speak your heart out. Thus, counsellors are those professional listeners who don’t judge, but guide an individual with the best possible advice.

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