Happy Teddy Day 2020: Wishes, quotes and Whatsapp Messages to share with your Lover, Girlfriend, GF, Crush, Loved One [Valentine Week Teddy Bear]

Teddy Day is celebrated annually on February 10. On this day, lovers across the globe express their love to their crush or beloved via a fluffy, cutesy teddy bear. Here are some wishes to share with your loved ones.

Teddy Day is celebrated annually on February 10. It is the fourth day in the Valentine’s Week that starts with Rose Day on February 7. On this day, lovers across the globe express their love to their crush or beloved via a fluffy, cutesy teddy bear.

Every girl loves to possess a huggable, soft toy that would selflessly listen to all her worries, be her cuddle partner and embody love. Even girls can gift teddy bears to their better halves for all the times they would miss you.

So, ride on the train of love, utilize the premise of Valentine’s Week and confess your dedication towards your significant other in the form of a teddy. Pair your gift with a thoughtful and romantic message, wish or quote. Here are some of the best quotes, wishes, statuses to share with your loved ones.

Pink Teddy Bear

This means that your crush also likes you back and adores you.

Red Teddy Bear

Just like the red rose, red teddy bear signifies love. You can gift a red teddy bear to your loved ones.

Orange Teddy Bear

Orange teddy bear wishes joy, hope and sunshine. You can gift a cute little orange teddy bear to your loved ones to wish them all the happiness in the world.

White Teddy Bear

White teddy has a special message. If someone, especially your crush gives you a white teddy, it means that they are trying to say that they are already booked. However, sometimes people don’t get any other option than white teddy bear to gift. So before jumping to conclusions, it’s better to confront them about their feelings.

• Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love.

• You may not be able to hug me but you can surely hug this teddy bear. Happy Teddy Day dear!

• Even if the sun refuses to shine, the words refuse to rhyme… You will always be my Valentine. Love you sweetheart… Happy Teddy Day!!

• Hey boyfriend, do you know the one thing common between you and my teddy bear? You both keep quiet whenever I yell. Jokes apart, sending you lovely teddy day quotes!

• Though teddy bears do not have a heart, you still will find lovely vibes oozing out of them in heaps. Happy teddy day bae!

• Surely there is nothing as good as getting a hug either from my favourite teddy bear or from my loveliest boyfriend. Happy teddy day sweetheart!

• You always live within me, laugh within me, and give me a soft and touchy feeling just like a lovely teddy. Happy teddy day!

• On the occasion of teddy day, I am gifting a sweet teddy bear along with cute teddy day quotes to my sweetest girlfriend ever. Happy teddy day girlfriend!

• Breathing is sign of life, heart beating is sign of life, a teddy is sign of love, and your love is a sign of my life. Happy teddy day!

Teddy Day 2020: 5 most expensive teddy bears in the world

1. The hot water bear

Yes, you heard that right. It’s the hot water teddy bear, and it’s the perfect gift for your girlfriend. Every woman knows the pain PMS and Menstrual cramps can put you through. We usually use hot water bottles to reduce the pain. Now, imagine getting rid of your menstrual pain with a cute teddy bear!

The teddy bear hot water bottle costs a whooping €28,000!

2. The bear with diamond eyes

Taking glam to the next level, this teddy has eyes made of diamonds! According to reports, the bear’s nose is made of pure gold and the fur contains golden threads. It will cost you €79,000 to own this beauty.

3. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear

The world’s second most expensive bear (according to reports) is made by the one and only Louis Vuitton! With only 500 pieces of the limited edition teddy bear, this cuteness is named DouDouu. It can be purchased at a price of $182,000 (Rs 13,015,912.00)

4. Titanic Mourning Bear

Mourn the sinking of the Titanic in this unique way, presenting to you the Titanic Mourning bear that was made to mourn the sinking of the iconic ship, Titanic. 82 of the bears were made. They cost €128,000!

5. Louis Vuitton Bear

Last on the list, but the most expensive one! Louis Vuitton bear comes in her/his own style and he completely owns it. The bear was purchased in 2000 at nearly 2 million euros at an auction in Monaco!

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