Hatha Yoga Can Help Make Your Body Serve You!

Hatha Yoga Can Help Make Your Body Serve You!

“If you do not keep the body the way it should be kept, it will become an obstacle in your life”

Our physical body is the most essential part of our existence. If we see our body from the angle of an instrument, different instruments are calibrated into it, to enable different activities. Though, in terms of physical prowess, we are not equal to any other creature on the planet, our body is blessed with the capability to do something beyond our instinct of survival.

Most people decide the course of their life according to the needs of their bodies, which essentially means they have not learnt how to use the body. The body is using them! This life is not here to serve the body. The body is here to serve this lite. If this is forgotten, we will live like any other creature.

Inclination Towards Materialism

Is anything wrong with the other creatures? Not at all, they are wonderful. The only thing is, they have certain limitations and there is nothing within them that longs to transcend these limitations, It their limited needs are fulfilled, they are quite okay. But humans have a problem – even it all physical needs are satisfied, you will still long for something more!

Every human being is trying to have a larger slice of life. The choice you have, is to find conscious or unconscious expression to this, When this longing finds unconscious expression, it gets labelled as materialism. When it finds conscious expression, it is a spiritual process.

A human being is capable of looking at life and handling life beyond his or her survival needs. But unfortunately today, instead of looking beyond the needs of survival, most human beings are raising their standards of survival. But in this way, the undefined potential of the human mechanism which is divinely blessed with far greater possibilities, cannot be explored.

The Human Body And Its Potential

The human body is the most phenomenal gadget on the planet, which will take more than a lifetime to explore fully, If you do not keep the body the way it should be kept, it will become an obstacle in your life and will act like a wall. But if you keep it in a certain way, it will become a stepping stone for bigger possibilities.

At least 95 per cent people cannot be taken into deeper states of meditativeness without a certain amount of kneading of the body. There may be three to five per cent, who because of various karmic reasons, can straight away be taken into deep states of meditation. The remaining 95 per cent definitely have to do something with their body, else it will not cooperate.

Explore Unknown Possibilities

Hatha yoga is about keeping the body in such a way that it is always there for you, doing what you want it to do and not something else. Just imagine, if your car started only when it felt like it. This is not a car worth having. It must start when you want it, only then can it be a device that will take you places. Or else, you must enjoy the parking lot. This is a nice place too. The seasons change, sunrise and sunset takes place, but the only problem is, you don’t go anywhere – but then it is very sate and eco-friendly. It is the same with your lite. It it doesn’t start and move anywhere, it is pretty safe but lite doesn’t happen to you.

Make Your Body Listen To You

So, whether it is your ability to create the experience of your life or something larger in the world, for both these occurrences, the first necessity is that your body takes instructions from you. It your body does not do what you want, nobody will do what you want! Only when your body does what you want it to do, only then can you expect somebody to do what you want!

Your Body: A Miraculous Instrument Peoples identification with the body is such that they see this as ‘myself.’ The moment you see this body as ‘me’ you cannot use it as an instrument. However, if you create a distance between you and the body, you will have the joy of knowing what this miraculous instrument is capable of and will be able to harness its capabilities too. Hatha yoga has the Ingredients that will slowly wear the boundaries of your individuality thin. And when the time comes, it opens up!

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