Awaken Your Chi Energy Flow

Awaken Your Chi Energy Flow

“A person starts feeling sick and unhealthy when the free flow of chi is blocked or chi is not maintained to the optimum level”

The 21st century urbanite is sophisticated, but is often a victim of stress accompanied by a fast- paced lifestyle. But even as we aspire to achieve excellence in our sphere of work, we need to listen to our body. Imagine filling fuel for just five days in a car which runs 365 days’ This is exactly what is happening to you.

You may have realised that one day you are lull of energy and spirit and the very next day, you feel low. It’s the same body and the same environment – so what is it that makes you feel so lovely one day and so dull the next?

Our Life Energy

Chi, sometimes spelled Qi is the Chinese word for the lite energy or ‘prana’ that is present in every living being and which has to be maintained using the energies of the universe. A person starts feeling sick and unhealthy when the free flow of Chi is blocked or Chi is not maintained to the optimum level.

Being In Sync With Universal Energies

Reiki is a simple and easy practice that allows the body with this tree flow of Chi. Simply like unclogging a blocked pipe to allow the tree flow of water, unclogging a blocked nadi creates a free flow of energy.

Nadis act like the veins to the energy circulation in the body. The more you are in sync with the universal energies of Reiki, the more Chi happens in the body. Well-being happens when the body, mind and soul are one. Attuning yourself to these subtle energies and vibrations of the universal energies creates oneness.

Chi Imbalances

Reiki believes illness results when Chi becomes unbalanced and Chi unbalances happen because of improper diet, lifestyle stresses, lack of exercise, addictions and many other factors. These imbalances can be treated by Reiki healers who can heal the whole system or the chakra pertaining to that disturbed area to restore balance. Chi imbalances are divided into three categories.

Chi Categories

Deficient Chi

This means that a person doesn’t have enough Chi to function for that particular day. He/she is susceptible to regular colds and coughs and also gets terribly tired by the end of the day. Stored energies are used until he/she reenergises.

Stagnant Energy

This kind of energy indicates no ventilation and the person is very sluggish or lazy with respiratory problems, body pains and also unhealthy organs. A person with stagnant energy draws a lot of energy from a positive Chi person.

Sinking Energies

A person who is on the death bed or a more advanced level of any incurable disease, suffers with this energy.

Chi is directly connected to your emotions. When you are happy, secure, calm, your positive vibes will help in a smooth flow of Chi in your body. When you are sad, unhappy. nervous and scared, the flow of Chi is affected.


  • Breathe deeply and slowly. At least thrice a day, make sure your breathing pattern is done more consciously. Altering your breathing brings a change in your emotional feelings
  • Laughter is good medicine since it helps to break up an emotional block and thus becomes a way of meditation
  • Posture has to be erect with absolutely no slouching. When you sit up straight with your back and spine properly aligned with your feet on the ground.
  • Chi can flow through your body, even when you are working at the computer. However, the chair has to be wooden without a cushion for this to happen
  • Make exercising a daily routine as the stagnant energies are thrown out of the body and you breathe in fresh Chi.
  • Just as you bathe and brush on a regular basis without any excuses, similarly exercise has to be a part of your daily routine
  • Do the yoga cat stretch to work the energies in the spine
  • Exercise your abdominal muscles
  • Rock your spine. Lie on your back with your knees tucked towards your chest and roll from right to left
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Footwear with heels should be avoided
  • Walk bare feet once a week. Activate the pressure points in the soles of the feet. Do the Zen slow walk too
  • Food has to be eaten with more awareness. Don’t treat your stomach like a bin. You are what you eat
  • Dinner has to be done by 8 pm. A glass of warm milk with dates can be had a bit later
  • A good night’s sleep is very important for the Chi to circulate in your body

Health Tip

Energy has to be balanced on a daily basis, as this will balance the Yin and Yang in your body to compete the circle of lite. Remember, a healthy you will always be a smiling you!

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