Give Your Kidneys Their Own ‘Spa’

Give Your Kidneys Their Own ‘Spa’

‘Spas’ Within The Body!
Folklore has it that humans originated in the sea and slowly moved onto land. Proponents of this aquatic theory of origin of species’ cite the similarity of our body water to sea water as proof of this. A normal human body comprises about 50 to 60 per cent of water.

This water also contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and many other chemical compounds in different concentrations. Studies have shown that the chemical compositions of our body fluids are very similar to sea water. In other words, we are constantly swimming within ourselves in our own personal sea!

So. depending on the content of the fluids around them, our organs all have their own little spas to relax and rejuvenate in. The content of our body fluids can actually be manipulated and we can ensure the kidney gets the best possible fluids to bathe in by lifestyle modifications like diet, exercise and behavioural/attitude changes. This, is the concept of the ‘kidney spa.

The Origin Of The Word ‘Spa’
The origin of the word ‘spa’ is quite controversial- Some historians claim that it is an abbreviation of phrases in Latin like salus per aquam or sanitas per aquam, which translates as ‘health through water.’ But this is very unlikely. as the term has been used since 1596, whereas acronyms entered into the English language only in the 20th century! Actually. the word is derived from the name of the town, Spa in Belgium, where people visited for the mineral rich spring water to bathe in for its medicinal properties.

Kidneys And Ideal Fluids
Whatever the origins of the word, a spa is a place you go to it you want to use water or water-based treatments to heal ailments. The spa methodology of using fluids to treat your body can also be generalized to using fluids to protect your kidneys from harm. The ideal kind of fluid to have around or within your kidneys should contain minimum sugar. minimum salt, zero nicotine. zero alcohol, high potassium. high calcium. minimal caffeine, low fat and low oil. It should also have less phosphorus, less uric acid, moderate protein, more vitamins and more minerals like iron and more citrate. ft should also be diluted and not concentrated.

Now, how do we ensure the delivery of appropriate fluid to the kidneys spa? Firstly. we should make sure the blood supply to the kidneys is adequate, by drinking optimal amounts of liquids. The recommendation is to consume two and a half to three litres of fluid per day. More than this, would increase the workload of the kidneys. Since it is the heart that pumps blood to the kidneys, it is crucial to make sure the heart is pumping well with regular exercise, specifically cardio exercises.

“The content of our body fluids can actually be manipulated and we can ensure the kidney gets the best possible fluids to bathe in, by lifestyle modifications.”

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Exercising Correctly
How much exercise do we need day to maintain a good supply to our kidney spa? Most experts recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.. moderate exercise means that you should not be able to hold a conversation while exercising. So, no speaking on your cell-phone, no discussing current topics with your buddy on the next treadmill and no chatting up that pretty girl or that smart guy while exercising’ Cut out the socializing till after the workout’

Many people may feel that exercise is painful and boring, but the trick is to fool your mind into thinking exercise is fun! The only way to do this is to club exercise with what you consider fun – for example, if you like listening to music put on your headphones and start off. If you like watching TV, put on your favourite programme and watch it while on the treadmill. So don’t think of it as exercise’ time but rather as music’ time or TV’ time.

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Diet And Healthy Kidneys
Diet plays a crucial role in making sure the environment around the kidneys is optimal. Fran Lebowitz, an American writer made the understatement of the century when she said, “Food es an important part of a balanced diet!” In order to keep the ideal amount of fluids entering and surrounding the kidneys, we need to consume a diet which is low in salt and sugar, high on fruits, vegetables, greens and milk. Eat low fat and low oil foods, Minimise tea, coffee, alcohol and aerated drinks and your kidneys spa will be perfectly balanced,

Beneficial Lifestyle Changes
Behavioural/attitude changes means smoking and chewing tobacco must be stopped. Recreational drug usage like cocaine and heroin should be discontinued. Stress reduction, getting enough sleep and inculcating discipline in life should be prioritised. All these lifestyle modifications ensure that the fluids flowing to and around the kidneys are ideal…and this acts as a spa for the kidneys. There is no complicated theory here but all these measures are easy to apply. Just utilize them and experience your very own, personal kidneys spa, which is open and functions every single minute of the day!

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