Fish Oil can Help Fight Inflammation

Fish Oil can Help Fight Inflammation

Fish oil is a supplement everyone should consume without fail. This oil which is extracted from fishes is also known as omega 3 and contains two compounds, namely Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Fish oil is a prophylactic compound which helps in increasing the quality of life in several ways. And one of the most important functions of fish oil is to fight inflammatory responses in the body. But before we discuss the significance of fish oil, let’s understand what inflammation is and how it affects the human body.


Inflammation is a defence mechanism employed by the immune system to protect the body from infections or foreign substances. When you sprain your ankle or when you ingest something that harms your body, inflammatory responses kick in. It safeguards your system from further damage and in some cases, the site of inflammation tends to cause pain.

There are two types of inflammation – acute and chronic. Acute inflammatory responses occur in response to certain kinds of stimuli and if not managed properly and taken care of, become chronic in nature. It’s very hard to detect chronic inflammation in the body as it is asymptomatic in nature. But if left unaddressed, in the long run, it can lead to conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and cancer too.

Reducing Inflammation

Acute inflammation vanishes after a few days, without any clinical intervention but chronic inflammation is generally reduced by ingesting non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also known as NSAIDs.

Why Fish Oil Is Good

Many studies have shown that the EPA contained in fish oil can help individuals reduce inflammation. This is because, fish oil acts as a blocking agent when the immune system triggers inflammatory responses. However, the dosage of fish oil to reduce inflammation varies from person to person, An average dose of 1000-1200 mg is recommended by most doctors in the initial stages.

So make sure your diet includes foods that are rich in omega 3 like nuts, leafy greens, and fatty fishes. You can also add fish oil to your list of supplements to ensure long- term health and reduced levels of inflammation in your body.

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