How To Make Children Smile!

How To Make Children Smile!

Often, children do not require any major reason to be happy, as they are unware of the practical reality of the outside world until they are teenagers, Therein lies a challenge for us, as elders in various forms such as teachers, mentors, parents, caretakers or even as compassionate strangers to encourage children. So, can you make a child smile wholeheartedly with trust? Well, you sure can bring a smile to the young faces, if you just follow the Circle of Happy Trust that can easily be remembered as K. H. U.S.H.I or happiness!

Know The Child
Every child is different. You need to understand this and adapt yourself to their needs. You must be genuinely interested in spreading happiness, which you might not have received as a child. This is the first step to open your heart for them with honesty.

Hear Them Out
The child can be east interested in your intention or may even be crying. You cannot just bring about a smile with materials like chocolates. You need to hear their needs in detail and then approach it with their permission

Uncover A Surprise
Can you dress as a clown, leaving your ego behind? Can you mimic animals while many children are watching? Try a magic trick that made you awestruck when you were a child. Engage the children with your surprise!

Sing For The ‘Tone’ Not The Song!
Leave aside pointing academic mistakes for a day. Give them the freedom you may never had experienced as a child. If you are singing a song together, focus on the tone with them, rather than the lyrics! Become a child for a day.

Who is stopping you? The children will not for sure!

Help Them Out
Engage with children for a whole day, interact with them wholeheartedly keeping your experiences as a child in mind. Be the elder brother or sister you never had! One day of hope shown by you can not only make their day, but can also be the first step towards their future.

I, You And Ourselves!
Close the Circle on a happy note. Ever wondered why children in the cancer ward of a hospital smile? It’s because their minds have not yet been introduced to the meaning of this deadly disease! Children are beautiful with their innocence and the world can most definitely be enriched by them, because they possess something which adults have lost. Hence, as adults, we need to strive to keep the simplicity and magic Of childhood intact.

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