Exploring The Link Between Telehealth And Healthcare

Exploring The Link Between Telehealth And Healthcare

“With fitness apps, there is no requirement for the patient to be in the physical presense of the doctor”

In the current scenario, telehealth has become an integral part of the healthcare domain. The advancement of technology and use of modem medical treatment techniques has led to the quick adoption of the telehealth stream.

Why Telehealth Is Significant
The opportunity to make healthcare facilities available remotely and introducing systems that can provide healthcare facilities is a huge opportunity. Healthcare is a very interesting area, especially elder care and lifestyle diseases. Commuting is a challenge these days and we all want convenience and services at our doorstep. Also, the consistent and uninterrupted access to healthcare is very important and this need is largely felt in case of lifestyle diseases. Attention to lifestyle diseases is important, because they are equally hazardous like any emergency situation. These are the areas where telecare and connected healthcare can play a very dominant role.

Evolution Technology and Innovations

Helps Avoid Crises
The idea of telehealth and IOT (Internet of Things) is to make one able to take steps right away, instead of realizing the problem in the future. Its motive is to teach you how you can derive value predictably and avoid crisis situations. It’s about technology playing an influencing in changing behaviour. That is the whole concept of IOT – driving behaviour. It’s not about just reacting but reacting in the larger context; it’s about driving behavioural change.

Encourages Alertness
It’s a gentle nudge to a better life. Or else, we would have gradually degraded into that situation, but today we have a way to be actually alert, Through telehealth and IOT one can see millions of people around them and have an opportunity to refine their own learning engines by analyzing a larger database. That’s the beauty of loT. You’re not dealing with isolated instances; even doctors today are leveraging data systems to be able to make sure that their diagnosis is right.

Keeps Track Of Health
The healthcare sector is getting digitized with the evolution of connectivity. Different devices are developed and introduced into the markets such as wearables and fitness trackers. Furthermore, there are many apps that can keep track of health factors from fitness to basic health aspects. With such devices in the market, there is no requirement for the patient to be In the physical presence of the doctor. Through an IOT network, the doctor can keep track of his/her patients through sensors and data transfer, in real-time.

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