Evolution Technology and Innovations

Evolution Technology & Innovations

long ago, a caveman or he and his friends developed the first prototype of what came to be later known as the wheel. In a productive sense, the best he probably ever managed with his invention was to whoop up and down with joy as he rolled the wheel down from some steep hill.

He would never have guessed in his wildest dreams, of leathery beasts that over millenniums to come, people were going to take this invention, attach horses and mules to it, or even turbo charged V11 engines and mass produce a million technologies that were ultimately dependent on that simple round object of his entertainment.

Let’s talk about a few technologies that can be traced back to their humble origins, from which they evolved, to procure an identity change that has become a game changer in its realm.


It is an alternative for Wi-Fi. The selling point being that Li-Fi uses, ‘Ultra Parallel Visible Light Communication,’ which links different colours of light into providing high bandwidth linkages. Translation: Li-Fi provides double the current speed that Wi-Fi can provide and it uses LED lights to do it. When compared to traditional Wi-Fi, which makes use of radio waves for connectivity, this is a radical step away.

But, at the same time the applicability of Li-Fi is enormous because of the absence of radio frequencies for its functioning. Not only does this make Li-Fi a much more secure connection than Wi-Fi but at the same time the practical use of this technology increases in electromagnetically sensitive areas like hospitals. We are sure to hear more of Li-Fi in the coming days.


You might think featuring cutlery in an article about technological innovations would be the equivalent of dressing up a sloth in a wedding gown and nicknaming it Megatron. But the tact is. Pantelligent is a really impressive piece of technology, no matter how high your eyebrows are raised right now. Whether you are the kind of person who struggles, just to make an omelette or a professional sous-chef living for the adrenaline rush of making dead things edible, pantelligent can help you cook a more than decent meal you would not find anything to complain about. The technology behind its working is relatively straight forward; the pan is attached with sensors that are in constant communication with the pantelligent app in your phone which gives you constant instructions as you cook. The guaranteed result would be impressive food that will make a lot of mouths water.

Dash Headphones

Analogically speaking, if you think of normal earphones as a common house cat, the new smart earphones made by a German company called Bragi would be a house cat that has the capability to inexplicably floating in the air while simultaneously contemplating the meaning of life. The plethora of innovations added to this single device is staggering.

The earphones are wireless and comes with touch control, has four GB internal storage, is a self-contained media player and has three and a half hours of battery life. So far, it’s impressive, but Bragi simply shrugged at impressive and looked beyond impressive as they added a heart monitor, an accelerometer and an oxygen saturation sensor in the device. The Dash is simply the ‘Rajnikanth’ of earphones right now.

Internet Of Things (loT)

Technological convergence is the ground reality of our lives today, from keyboards that can be used on phones to pens that can record voice, It is not really surprising when the internet gets a makeover to spawn a new technology with alternate applicability, loT functions using wireless technology, micro-electromechanical systems and the internet. This basically means an IP address can be slapped to even your plainest mechanical device, allowing the said device to access the internet or interact with another device leaving endless multiples of new functionality.

It is taking its first baby steps towards an interconnected mechanical environment. The only thing you need to be weary of is that at some point in the future, your vacuum cleaner might gain self-awareness and start humming for wages and civil liberties instead of household dust.

Light Phone

The light phone is the anti-smart phone. It scoffs at everything the smart phone has become over the years and prides itself for having the most minimalist kind of functionality; making calls and receiving them. The light phone is so aggressively retarded, it is awe inspiring. This ‘Forrest Gump’ of a beautiful phone can last up to 20 days on a single charge because of its ingenious lack of functionality, It is a very ironic innovation that simply decided to move backward in time and still stay relevant in the current technological space.

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