Be More Productive With A Regular Healthy Sleep Cycle!

Be More Productive With A Regular Healthy Sleep Cycle!

Sometimes it’s just not our day. Everything seems to go wrong while our focus shifts from being bad to worse in seconds. It’s one of those times when even sharpening a pencil and speaking at the same time could seem like a daunting task. Our nerves are on edge, we are probably a little jumpy and not to mention, our fuse is a lot shorter than usual. Why should this happen? An unusually unproductive day for absolutely no reason can mean a terrible sleep cycle.

Our sleep cycles play a crucial role in our lives. We don’t pay much heed to it either due to ignorance of the ill-effects or unawareness of the brilliant benefits. If you have a regular sleep cycle you can kick your to-do list as quickly as making a cup of tea. Here’s why.

Memory Booster

It improves memory. It helps you remember tiny details of the previous day and it gets stored in the permanent memory section. The temporary memory section is the first stop for your memories/ experiences and sleep moves them to the permanent or long retention part of the brain.

Creativity Enhancer

If you’re in the creative business, you’d find yourself doing a lot better when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. It helps the neurons in your brain to form better connections (by restructuring and reordering them) with each other.

Run Faster

It makes you physically powerful. Sleeping for about eight hours a night for at least eight weeks, improves your physical performance by five times. Taking a walk or even playing a sport is so much better after a regular sleep cycle.

Get Smarter

When you sleep, your brain rests but it also makes synaptic connections between neurons and moves memories to the significant spot in the brain. Kids can improve their grades by sleeping well after studying. If you’re an adult taking educational courses this is a great idea to keep in mind.

Don’t Stress It

Sleep, needless to say, reduces stress by providing the good chemicals to flow through your body, It’s no surprise that we tend to be irritable after a bad night. Your body is a lot more relaxed after a good night’s sleep and this also helps you live a long and healthy life.

The best way to achieve a good sleep cycle is by prohibiting the use of gadgets at least an hour before bed time and if you have to read a book, do it with a paperback like the good ol’days.

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