7 Step Guide For Healthy Parenting

7 Step Guide For Healthy Parenting

“Imparting life skills and promoting health among children is important to achieve the sustainable goals of health”

The seventeen sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (by United Nations) has come into effect from January 1st 2016 and the promotion of good health and well-being Is goal number three. In the year 2030, the young minds of today will have transformed into complete wise adults with a focus on holistic learning. Even so, imparting life skills and promoting health among children is important to achieve the sustainable goals of health, thus here are seven steps all parents need to imbibe, regarding matters of health care.

Instil Positivity

The first hospitalisation experience may have a lasting impact on the child and may instil fear. Hence, it is essential to share positive hospital experiences until the child becomes a teenager, or else it may affect their education or sometimes, career in severe cases like accidents.

Keep Sharing Experiences

The experiences a child encounters shapes his/her ideology as an adult. So, parents should share their experiences regarding the myths and facts about health issues they had come across in their childhood. In the presence of a major illness in the family, children must be educated about it, before they develop misconceptions and fear about their future health. Thus, these false ideas must be eradicated at the earliest.

Influence Appropriately

Parents are an important influence and by sharing optimistic outcomes of maintaining good hygiene by setting examples, initiates the process of good decision making and makes the child self-sufficient and responsible.

Help Them Gain Life Skills

The major role is played by elders who are responsible and follow strong ethics regarding their life, while maintaining good health in general. Children must be encouraged to attend workshops and seminars of such motivated individuals on life skills where they can meet other children from various socio economic domains. These experiences help them understand life better, leading to better well-being.

Reveal The Purpose Of Medication

The use and misuse of medications is something everybody, Irrespective of their age must understand. While taking a medication or supplement, parents should share the ‘why’ with children as they may mistake these medications as supplements in the absence of parents leading to potential health hazards.

Make Them Aware Of Goals

Children must be made aware of all the sustainable development goals applicable worldwide during their early teenage years, to help transform them into responsible wise adults.

Prepare The Future Parent

Children and teenagers mindful of taking precautionary measures regarding their own health and well-being, by maintaining constant motivation with the support of elders. transform into healthy responsible individuals and lead fit families in the future. Thus, a future parent with healthy ideals will be raised.

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