Why Happiness Is Vital For Women To Be Healthy

Why Happiness Is Vital For Women To Be Healthy

Being happy makes you healthy and having a healthy body makes you happy. Thus, both go hand in hand. Happiness is associated with optimism, activity, enthusiasm, joy, well-being and above all, healthy habits. Emotions play a vital role n fitness and they are a manifestation of complex interplay between chemical messengers. But in today’s busy life and the hustle and bustle of modern times, this vital connection is getting affected and increasing stress is hampering their neuro modulation. Nevertheless, here are some reasons why you should always strive to be happy, as a healthy and happy woman will have a healthy and happy family!

Happiness And Health

Happiness Reduces Stress Levels

Stress releases cortisol or steroids also called as fight or flight hormones, which above a certain level can be harmful and may lead to headaches, tension, migraine, decreased metabolism, reduced reproductive performance, decreased emotional control, anger and short temperament, osteoporosis, overeating and bingeing, weight gain and reduced immunity levels.

Your Heart Is Protected

Love, happiness and positive thinking is good for the heart and many studies have shown that people who are happy and stress-free, have lower heart attacks, lower pulse rate, reduced hypertension and variability in heart patterns.

Immunity Is Boosted

Have you ever wondered why sad people tall sick more often? Happiness and stress-tree behaviour helps boost your immunity and fight diseases.


We think if we are happy we laugh, but it’s the other way round, if we laugh we can make ourselves happy! Laughing at least for fifteen minutes a day helps improve immunity, helps reduce stress, improves muscle and joint pain, provides relief from headache and increases sleep quality.

Happiness Increases Your Lifespan

It the health status of any country or state has to be measured, it is done by studying the lifespan of people or their longevity. Happy people live longer and it has been proved by various studies and research.

How To Be A Happy Woman

  • Praise yourself
  • Express gratitude or say thanks more often
  • Spread happiness or foster happy thoughts
  • Develop positive thinking and keep negative thoughts at bay
  • Exercise, meditate and practice yoga
  • Count your blessings
  • Help others

Pay Attention To Your Physical Appearance

Having a healthy and physically fit body gives you a sense of self-esteem and boosts your confidence. Thus, it’s important that you spend some time looking after your physical appearance and maintaining it, because if you look good, automatically you feel good, which in turn releases endorphins and helps boost your self-image.

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