3 Day Sugar Detox

The Sugar Detox Diet

Detoxification is a body cleaning process which becomes more effective when sugar is totally eliminated from the diet. Removing sugar from your diet is the fastest way to lose fat and also increase energy levels. When your blood sugar is out of balance, it causes depression, stores sugar as fat instead of using it for energy, leads to highs and lows in energy levels and eventually leads to diabetes.

For some people, eliminating sugar from their diet is extremely difficult, as they feel weak and lethargic without any sugar intake. It is therefore important to exclude sugar from the diet gradually. Detox is not a one day process. It is a slow and steady, but effective process, so that the body can clean up all the stored toxins in the body.

To begin with, people can stop drinking sweetened beverages, packaged juices and even adding excess sugar to their tea or coffee. People also have to understand the concept of removing artificial sugars found in packaged drinks, sweeteners, yogurt, flavoured milk and health drinks. Also, one has to try and stay away from chocolates and sweets.

Why A Sugar Detox?

Sugars are actually good for the body, but only when consumed in their natural form. The sugar detox is very effective for those who want to lose weight, delay the onset of diabetes, to increase energy levels and also to get good skin. Following the sugar detox is not that difficult as its basic agenda is to control and eliminate sugar cravings.

General Guidelines

  • The sugar detox lasts for 21 days and those who want to follow it must do it for 21 days. It might seem like a long time but it is the best time to re-think what you want to eat as it will go a long way in learning how your body and mind react to the lack of sugar on a daily basis.
  • Do not try this diet during the holiday time, weddings, birthdays and other important dates as it will be hard to resist sweets, amazing food and alcohol. Plan it during the time when you know you will not be tempted to break it in between. Also, do not be under any delusion that ¡t will be easy, but do not get discouraged when ¡t becomes a challenge.
  • It is important to understand that sugar detox is not a diet plan and cannot be used to remove fungus and yeast infections like candida from the body. It can definitely help a person maintain sugars at a healthy level so that these infections can be cured without any side effects.
  • Also, remember that this detox should not be a life plan. It aids only in helping people eat healthy to feel energetic and lead an active life. Lack of sugar cravings, high energy levels and consistent sugar levels are helpful when starting a new lifestyle.

Once the detox is over, follow a diet plan that will suit you instead of going back to your old eating habits. The sugar detox does not conform to any particular diet plan and only guides a person in dealing with sugar levels. Have a diet plan planned that can be followed immediately after it ends.

3-Days Sugar Detox Plan

Day 1
Early Morning: A glass of lemon water or 30 ml of aloe vera juice with a glass of water.

Breakfast: Spinach with 3 eggs

Midmorning Snack: 1 teaspoon flaxseeds, 5 almonds

Lunch: Vegetables and grilled fish

Tea time: 1 cup herbal tea

Dinner: Mixed vegetable soup

Day 2
Early Morning: A glass of lemon water or 30 ml of aloe vera juice with a glass of water.

Breakfast: Green smoothie

Snack: Macadamia nuts and 1 teaspoon pumpkin seeds

Lunch: Shredded chicken and ‘ green salad

Tea time: Chamomile tea

Dinner: Sanon with greens

Early Morning: A glass of lemon water or 30 ml of aloe vera juice with a glass of water.

Breakfast: Vegetable omelette

Snack: An apple and 5 almonds Lunch Hummus, tofu salad

Tea time: Herbal tea

Dinner: Spinach, quinoa cooked in chicken broth

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