Skin And Hormonal Imbalance

Skin And Hormonal Imbalance

For skin pigmentation or even its structure to remain normal, there should be the right Levels of oestrogen in the body

Menopause brings with it a great deal of hormonal changes in a woman’s body. These hormonal changes have varied effects on the skin and also play a significant role in the pigmentation changes seen in women.

Age would obviously cause changes in skin pigmentation but other than this, important hormones such as oestrogen play an important role in maintaining skin structure. This is mainly because oestrogen has a big role to play in the production of hyaluronic acid in the body which is vital for the maintenance of fluid balance in the skin. Hence, for skin pigmentation or even its structure to remain normal, there should be the right levels of oestrogen in the body.

The thyroid gland, situated near the voice box produces two hormones that essentially deal with human metabolism. But besides brain development and maintaining body temperature, the thyroid gland is also responsible for skin dryness. So essentially, skin health is very dependent on the balance of the thyroid hormone.

Skin problems that occur in connection with hormonal imbalance can usually get cured with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). However, one should be careful while choosing this as an alternative cure, because hormone replacement therapy is a relatively new method and not enough research has been conducted on this procedure. Another setback for HRT is the tact that this procedure has more or less proved to be ineffective as far as sun damage is concerned.

In conclusion, the imbalance or lack of hormones can have very adverse effects on a person’s skin and awareness of this problem helps a lot in solving the problem. This problem can be countered by consuming a rich diet of healthy fats and omega 3 which helps keep skin healthy, inside out. Also, because technology is very advanced in this era. surgery is also a good option but again, little research has gone into this so one needs to be extra careful when opting for remedies.

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