Rakhi & Innovation: Sibling Power! Kerala’s Duo Triples Farmers’ Income with Agri-Drones

How Kerala Siblings Triple Farmer’s Income Using Drones?: Are you curious to discover the success story of a sibling team from Kerala who used Agriculture drone technology to revolutionize their farming approach? Their creative approach has proven to be highly effective and impressive.

Devika and Devan Chandrasekharan are the two engineers who invented the drones to boost the farmer’s yield and revenue. Apart from that, drones will eliminate dependency on fertilizers.

Kerala’s Brother-sister duo is converting farming techniques with drones and supporting farmers to generate up to 40% more yield.

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All About Kerala’s Brother-Sister Duo Innovation: Agri-Tech Drones

In 2020, Devika and Devan Chandrasekharan initiated the startup Fuselage Innovations with a mission to advance farm yield. As yet, the launch of two drones was completed and named Nireeksh and Fia.

These drones are cloud-connected and do miracles in the cultivation of crops. The features of Nireeksh and Fia drones are effective sensors, best crop mapping, excellent analysis, and proper fertilizing without a workforce.

Mainly, the Nireeksh drone spots pests and nutrient deficiencies at the initial stage via plant mapping. Fia sprays the fertilizer at the required area and all the crops with proper measuring.

These agriculture drones price ranges between Rs 4-7 lakh, while their service model charges Rs 2,000-5,000 per acre. Over 3,500 farmers have already benefited from this startup. Also, they provide other products and services to farmers for better India Agriculture.

Features & Benefits of NIREEKSH AG UAS Surveillance Drone

Nireeksh AG is a surveillance drone that furnishes useful data quickly and autonomously. Kerala’s brother and sister duo provided a multispectral drone incorporated with red, red edge, NIR, IR, RGB, and thermal sensors, ideal for agriculture missions, soil monitoring, and vegetation management.

NIREEKSH AG UAS survey drone

  • Weight is up to 2 Kg
  • Endurance – 30 min
  • 2 Km Range Los
  • Used Indigenous NavIC System
  • Comes with multispectra sensors
  • Modular Design
  • Uses Digital, encrypted communication link
  • Wind resistance is 35 km/hr

Significance & Specifications of FIA Agricultre Drone

FIA–Fuselage Innovations for Agriculture Drone is a game-changer equipment used as a smart agriculture solution. It has been proven over 50,000 hectares of farmland with high performance and efficiency.

The FIA QD10 drone has the capacity to help with higher payload, optimize the cost-effectiveness of crop ultra-low volume spraying, and offer ultimate precision in your agricultural operations. The only solution to increase farming is FIA QD10 is the only solution.

FIA –Fuselage Innovations for Agriculture

  • 10L payload capacity
  • Precision Spraying of droplet size: 60- 200 μm
  • The foldable design keeps the FIA UAS both lightweight and strong.
  • Cloud-based Crop Protection with Nireeksh AG drone
  • Supports Automatic Flight plans and field mapping
  • 26 minutes flight time with a single set of batteries
  • The foldable design keeps the FIA UAS both lightweight and strong.

What Makes Kerala’s Brother and Sister To Introduce Drone Services To Farmers?

The inspiration behind the innovation of the Agriculture Drone was the destructive Kerala floods, that destroyed fertile land completely with the loss of soil.

Once Devan(co-founder of the startup) stated, “Adapting drone technology and sticking with the accurate farming protocols has grown yields by 25-35% and diminished fertilizer and nutrient usage by 75%. By this, Farmers’ profits have efficiently grown three times over the last two years”.

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FAQs On Latest Drone Technology For Better Farming

1. What Drones are used for farming?

Aerial spray drones are specially used for farming to prevent pests with the right amount of liquid in the fields.

2. How do Nireeksh and Fia Drones help farmers?

Nireeksh and Fia Drones do wonders for framers. They sense the defective spots in the fields and prevent the crops by spraying the fertilizers in the required amount.

3. What is the use of drones in agriculture in India?

Drones are used for various farming tasks like soil analysis, plant mapping, pest management, and irrigation.

4. Did Kerala’s brother-sister duo drone technique help in Better India Agriculture?

Yes, Kerala siblings Fia and Nireeksh’s drone invention helped to change in better India’s Agriculture. Their drone technology triples the farmer’s income and enhances cultivation.

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