Farmers Everywhere Are Switching to This Agri-Tech Solution for More Yield with 40% Less Water

Farmers across the country waste gallons of water during farming in paddy fields. Although we are facing with water shortage, still farmers waste a lot of water due to the lack of proper irrigation techniques.

A man from Karnataka spotted this issue and researched thoroughly to introduce the best solution. He’s Malesh T, the solution is the agri-tech platform CultYvate.

He launched the CultYvate’ platform to assist farmers in measuring the water requirement of crops from anywhere like at home or at the market.

Why Malesh T Launched Cultyvate Platform?

In spite of having water from Cauvery, Hemavathi, and other rivers, farmers in Karnataka’s Mandya are facing water shortage problems in their fields. This sort of issue affected Malesh T to think about providing guidance and solutions to water shortage.

When it comes to Malesh T’s history, he grew up observing his grandfather farming the sugarcane fields. At that time, he discovered that with fewer water resources farmers thrived with crops and felt happy while cultivating.

He describes, “Several plants in paddy fields require 2 crore liters of water per hectare per season. But a few farmers do watering their plants by using nearly 20,000-30,000 liters of water and grow plants.

Hence, it says there is no issue with the shortage of water resources, it’s completely due to the lack of proper irrigation techniques to measure the water”.

Adding to this, when farmers use the extra water, fields become flooded with water leads to fungal diseases and kills more time on disease management.

To cut down such issues, Malesh T launched CultYvate in 2016. This solution does wonders for all farmers in cultivating the fields with adequate water resources.

Andra Pradesh Farmer Gadde Srinivas

Punjab farmers use cultYvate’s IOT solution to save water and fuel

How CultYvate Agri-tech Solution Helps Paddy Farmers Reduce Water Waste?

CultYvate is an agri-tech platform that allows farmers to check on their crops sitting at home. The features of Cultyvate are when to provide irrigation, how much water it requires, study climatic conditions, eliminate pest infestation and disease, etc.

Giving proper irrigation helps crops to not be submerged in water for a long time and cut down to 40% water usage in fields.

As per T Malesh, his invented technology assists farmers in preventing disease and pest infestations, examining climatic conditions, scheduling cultivation, and boosting production cycles for local and foreign crops.

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