Meet Pune’s Hange Brothers: From Suits to Soil, Earning 3 Crores a Year in Organic Farming!

That’s interesting right? Excited to gather the complete story of the Pune brother duo? Look no further.

After making a bold decision to quit their jobs, Ajinkya and Satyajit, two brothers from Pune followed their passion & started ‘Two Brothers Organic Farm’.

With dedication and hard work, they have achieved various milestones like profiting in crores. Their organic farming efforts paid off greatly and this uplifting story teaches us to take a risk and follow our dreams to enjoy success in life.

Why Pune’s Hange Brothers Shifted To Organic Farming?

Satyajit and Ajinka Hange pursued their post-graduation course (MBA) from Pune University and mounted the ladder of top MNCs. They lived the corporate working life for almost ten years but never felt satisfied to the core.

One day they discovered the satisfaction comes from their 100-year-old wada in Indapur taluka’s Bhodani village.

At last, they got exhausted from their corporate jobs and decided to learn organic farming and started a firm called Two Brothers Organic Farms.

Meet Two Pune Brothers

Everything About Two Brothers Organic Farms – How It All Started?

The decision to opt for organic farming was not that easy for them. They have faced criticism like “Farming is not a fortunate selection. You have studied in the top colleges and returned to struggle in the village fields is not a correct option!”

However, they were stubborn and resistant to change. They initiated practicing organic framing on small land and currently progressed to a 20-acre farm. By this, they made a yearly turnover of 3 crore.

All they do while organic farming is apply old-fashioned farming methods and utilize cow dung as manure. Organic farming is the best approach to better India’s Agriculture and feed people with healthy foods.

What Does Pune Sibling Duo Provide By Organic Farming?

At Pune’s two brothers’ organic farms venture, you can get a wide range of organic products that consist of Ghee, Laddoos, Rice, Pulse, Gulkand, Chyawanprash, etc.

Besides, people got interested in their organic farming approaches and visited their place to learn individually.

Individuals like travelers, farmers, media experts, and bankers from around 14 countries such as the USA, France, Germany, Australia, etc. Eventually, the duo expresses, “16,000 farmers from India got trained in organic farming”.


We feel glad to cover such an inspiring brother duo’s organic farming story on our page. This is quite motivational and admiring to individuals who want to step into the farming or agriculture field. Blindly opt for this organic farming option and achieve your small milestones too.

Also, we advised you to choose and grow your farming business by developing a website and digital presence to reach a global audience.

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