Guidelines For Getting The perfect Shut-Eye

Guidelines For Getting The perfect Shut-Eye

If your bedtime is anywhere between eight to nine hours per day, you need to look at the type of food you are eating

Most people believe that sleep is the right way of experiencing restfulness. However, some fail to understand that the body is asking for restfulness and not sleep. If your had no rest during night, then you will notice that the mornings are pretty bad! Thus, it is restfulness that makes all the difference.

Try To Take It Easy!

Keeping your body relaxed all through the day, performing exercises and all other physical activities in a relaxed way, will decrease your sleep quota automatically. The fact is that many have been instructed to do every activity in a difficult manner that involves tension. You may have observed many worried walkers in gardens or park.

Unfortunately, this kind of physical activity does more harm and does not improve health at all. This is because, approaching everything like it is a war is not helpful! So whether it is exercise, walking or jogging, one should try to do it in a relaxed state.

Keeping oneself healthy and fit is not a struggle. So stop battling with life! Be it a sport, exercise, walking or swimming – just do the things you like, but do with ease. A problem will only arise if all you want to do is to eat cheesecake!

Eat Plenty Of Natural Foods

If your bedtime is anywhere between eight to nine hours per day, you need to look at the type of food you are eating. Consuming vegetarian food, especially those that can be eaten raw, is essential for your overall well-being because while the food is cooked, a large quantity of ‘prana’- a form of life energy is destroyed. And this is one of the reasons why you are afflicted with fatigue. If you eat a set of a few fresh green vegetables and fruits, it will be very beneficial for your health and eventually, you will notice that your sleep time has reduced.

Eat Cooked Foods Without Much Delays

It is part of our culture that any food that is cooked, should to be eaten within two hours of it being prepared. Hence, storing food in a fridge for a long duration and then serving it affects your sleep. This applies to canned food as well. Tamas’is a category of foods which mean ‘inertia. ‘ Hence, foods that are preserved will have high levels of tamasic qualities, which create problems for mental alertness and agility.

Avoid Sleeping Immediately After Eating

Many individuals suffer with a certain psychological condition which makes them believe that unless they consume adequate amounts of food, they will not be able to sleep. However, it is important to allow adequate time – at least a few hours for digestion, before getting into bed. If you sleep soon after eating, about 80 percent of the food will get wasted. It could be a matter of concern, if one is unable to sleep because of a full stomach, as this is about a certain mental state and not about food!

Choose The Right Direction To Sleep

If the body is in a horizontal position, the pulse rate falls immediately as the body makes this change to regulate blood supply. If blood is supplied with the same intensity, it can cause harm to the mind or brain. Thus, the blood vessels going in an upward direction are of finer arrangement when compared to the blood vessels going downwards. And as they go upwards to the brain, they become more or less hair-like. Hence, at a certain point, they are unable to take any extra drop.

Also, while sleeping, if you position your head towards the north for about six hours, the Earth’s magnetic pull will cause stress on your brain. This is due to the presence of iron in your blood. In fact, it is a warning signal that tells you not to sleep in the northern direction. Further, if you are in a particular age group and if your blood vessels are fragile, it can pave way to hemorrhages and paralytic strokes. And irrespective of your system being strong, you will find it difficult to get good sleep, because of excessive blood circulation.

So, if you are in the northern hemisphere, the east is undoubtedly the right direction to position your head. Northeast and western directions are fine too, but the north is not recommended at all. Similarly, if you are in the southern region, it is not advisable to sleep in the south direction.

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