Tips To Sleep Well During The Festive Season

Tips To Sleep Well During The Festive Season

To ensure good physical and psychological health it’s essential to sleep at least seven to nine hours at a stretch during the night

Festivals are here and as much as we love them, there is no denying the fact, that all the celebration leaves us feeling exhausted! Fatigue and lethargy overpower us, particularly once the festival mood diminishes. And this is the result of a sleep debt that is primarily caused during times such as these.

Sleep Debt

Sleep debt, which is also known as sleep deficit, is an adverse and cumulative effect that is experienced due to continuous and insufficient sleep cycles. Experiencing large sleep debt may cause physical and mental fatigue, ultimately hampering health adversely.

Sleep Pattern During Festivals

Indians believe in celebrating all the festivals with much pomp and grandeur. During key festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Diwali and Christmas, we are constantly on our toes with decorating our house, preparing delicacies in the kitchen, welcoming guests and taking part in cultural programs. Thus, we quite literally dance to the tune of the festive music!

All these activities along with loud music can overwhelm and tax our cognitive and physical efficiency, leaving us sleep-deprived and tired. And an inadequate sleep for a prolonged period of time can lead to sleep debt which creates a negative impact on our physical, psychological and overall well-being.

Sleep Debt And Mental Health

Continuous social gatherings and celebrations can overpower the senses. Hence, we may end up sleeping at times, but are not left with any time to sleep at a stretch, which may result in behavioral problems like irritability, stress, reduced recall, and poor judgment.

Sleep Debt And Physical Health

Festivals are not only hectic, but also encourage irregular eating habits which adversely affect our bodily functions. Our body also becomes more vulnerable to the effects of sleep deprivation. Some serious health problems that sleep debt may cause are indigestion, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, stroke, and obesity. Keeping these points in mind, it’s essential to sleep at least seven to nine hours, at a stretch during the night, to ensure good physical and psychological health.

Overcome Sleep Debt During Festivals

Even though celebrations are inevitable, we can be prepared for the sleep debt and beat it effectively, without letting it hamper our health.

Tips To Sleep Well During The Festive Season

Watch What You Eat
Even if you don’t stay up at night, you may still find it difficult to sleep at night, due to inappropriate eating habits. This is because we tend to indulge in overeating and eating too many sweets during festivals, so make sure you control the number of sweets and food you eat. Also, drinking coffee or alcohol after evening, as it can prevent you from having a sound sleep at night. Most importantly, don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Keep Electronic Devices Away
Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Hence, you may be tempted to share your celebrations on social media with your friends and family. However, try avoiding access to laptops, mobile devices or tablets at night. Devices promote emissions of short wavelength blue light which interrupts the production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. So screen time before sleep, makes you feel more alert and prevents you from getting a sound sleep.

Take Short Naps
If you’re having guests over or have been invited to someone’s place in the evenings, make sure you take a quick afternoon nap before you start. Power naps are known to restore your lost sleep balance, quickly. And even a few minutes of sleep can go a long way while staying up at night.

Use A Good Mattress
After all the fatigue that festivals bring, ensure your body gets a good night’s rest. So make sure you have a good mattress, as it’s paramount for uninterrupted sleep.

Turn Down The Noise
Urge authorities in your neighbourhood to take sound pollution seriously. Lay down rules with society members on bursting firecrackers and using loudspeakers only for a stipulated time period.

Inadequate sleep for a prolonged period of time can lead to sleep debt which creates a negative impact on our physical, psychological and overall well-being

Try not to give your exercise routine a complete miss, during festivals. But even if you do, make sure you come back quickly. Resuming your fitness routine without delay, will help your body regain its original health. Also, make sure that once the festivals end, you give yourself a day off before you resume your routine.

Try these tips to be equipped with everything you need to beat sleep debt during festivals and also to stay fresh and happy this time of the year!

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