Women Bond With Their Music

Women Bond With Their Music

woman is filled with unlimited love, she can repress anger to keep the situation calm and remain strong. She is resilient, loving and smilingly dedicates her lite to family and friends throughout the different phases of her life. Therefore, researchers have aimed to understand gender differences in the interpretation of music by measuring attitudes and perceptions based on the effect and content of lyrics.

For a majority of young women or teenagers, the word ‘soothing’ refers to eroticism – A study concluded that 24 per cent of women experience tears when listening to soft tracks, 10 per cent shiver while five per cent get goosebumps. In another study, women were made to listen to soothing piano instrumentals and some other romantic songs and the reactions they collected were amazing.

Scientists have found that songs like ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele, My Heart Will Go Ori by Celine Dion, or ‘Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen leave a few women experiencing sensory overloads and feelings of heightened sexual excitement. Soothing music is love and peace but at the same time, soothing music is also associated with negative emotions in women. Also, there are many other pure and divine emotions which occur in ladies as women after 40 can acquire motherhood emotions while listening to soothing music. It would be consequent here to add that there is also an incident on how a normal folk tune injected milk in a woman’s breast, who was having issues feeding her baby.

The Miracle Of Music

Research shows that pregnant women respond more to pleasant music compared to others. Perhaps. the reason is that the foetus can easily respond to softer tracks. Studies have also proved that among the pregnant women, forward-moving dissonant music prompts a significant drop in blood pressure whereas descending dissonant movement results in higher blood pressure.

According to a researcher Dr Fritz. “Acoustic manipulation of music affects blood pressure in pregnant women far more intensely than in non-pregnant women.” The interesting part is that the foetus kicks and becomes hyperactive by pacified and tender songs. But on the other hand, they contract themselves with unpleasant or stormy tracks.

Bengali women are largely involved in musical events as it keeps them more healthy and smiling. Rabindra Sangeet is one of the most pastoral genres of Indian music. It was invented by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. These tunes are created on simple and major issues with the purpose of giving an utmost soft and soothing feel.

The majority of women in India, especially the ones r their 50s find refuge in devotional bhajans which becomes the medium for worship. They do not get involved in the noisy. over-orchestrated kirtans and mandala but feel at peace and dose to God by listening to the light, simple and soft bhajans like that sung by Jagjit Singh. Also, elderly ladies connect with the Supreme Being by listening to soft and tender tunes prevalent in bhajans.

Music And Emotions

Females, especially in the rural areas tend to please themselves with their native folklore. It keeps them contented and helps them to adapt to their day-to-day inconveniences. Folklore is again, very soothing music which is created by the native rural women. They sing their heart out in almost every event and occasion to keep themselves fit and invigorated.

Essentially, one should listen to soothing and familiar film songs to bring peace and bliss to the mind and brain. A daily morning dose of soothing songs can uplift the mental make-up to a different level.

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