What Is Semi Permanent Makeup?

What Is Semi Permanent Makeup?

This makeup typically consists of application of eyeliner, eyebrow stimulation and lip colour. Additional applications offered are beauty marks and scar camouflage

On a morning of a usual working day, a woman has her own race against time. On a tight schedule, with hundreds of chores to do, makeup is the last thing on her mind. However, the dilemma of what to prioritize – chores or makeup, can be left far behind with the use of semi-permanent makeup.

This advancement has taken the aesthetic industry by storm in the US, Europe and far-east and is just approaching the Indian market. If you are bored of using predictable makeup techniques everyday and still struggle with your eyeliner or lipstick, semi-permanent makeup is the right option for you.

Just imagine what it would feel like, to wake up every morning with perfectly tinted lips or eyelids already highlighted with eyeliner: no more running to the powder room for the periodic makeup touch ups. Semi-permanent makeup offers you a chance to bring your imagination to life. It offers a fresh and presentable look at all times. This makeup typically consists of application of eyeliner, eyebrow stimulation and lip colour. Additional applications offered are beauty marks and scar camouflage.

The perception of semi-permanent makeup in India till date, has been that the results do not look natural. Older techniques like the block technique for eyebrows do look very unnatural as this technique, the entire eyebrow is coloured in.

However, new advancements and technologies can create subtle layers blending seamlessly, thereby giving a natural look. For instance, the new Ageless Eyebrow Revival’ treatment uses the feather touch or 3-D eyebrow embroidery which is predominantly an international technique. This treatment gives the effect of delicate and ultra-fine hair strokes blending seamlessly with your natural hair.

Various issues including over-plucked or thin eyebrows, sparse and very light natural eyebrows can be addressed just by correcting them. This adds definition and fullness to the brow without compromising on the shape and natural look. The interesting thing about this technique is that the brow can actually be reconstructed or reshaped by imitating each strand of hair at the minute level so that the eyebrows look very real and natural.

Popular Semi-Permanent Makeup Solutions

Eyebrows: Eyebrow reshaping and enhancement
Anyone with thinning eyebrows or those just not happy with their eyebrow shape are potential candidates. Individual strands are re-drawn to give a very natural look. It is only under very close inspection that anyone would even come to know that they are not real. The final result is beautiful, symmetrical and highly defined eyebrows.

Eyelid: Eyeliner and contouring
Do you like the way your eyes look with kajal but do not like the process of applying and removing it every day? Semi-permanent eyeliner may just be the solution for you. It can even be used to create a beauty spot if you like.

Lips: Lips enhancement and contouring
If you wear lipstick everyday you can consider semi-permanent lip colour as a long-term solution. It is also a good treatment for those of you who are not very happy with the shape of your lips or if they are discoloured due to smoking or otherwise. The final result is defined fuller looking lips.

Other Semi-Permanent Makeup Solutions

Some other advanced uses include redrawing of the areola post a mastectomy, covering or camouflage of scars and vitiligo. Whatever the cause maybe, semi-permanent makeup can go a long way in giving back some confidence to the patient.

Semi-permanent makeup enhances one’s features allowing natural beauty to shine through. The results look amazing and last anywhere from nine months to a year depending on one’s age. skin-type and lifestyle. The treatment is completely safe it proper sterilization guidelines are met. Many experts only use the world’s best micro-pigments approved by the government, giving patients and practitioners comfort regarding their safety.

Special Care For Your Lips

As you grow older your lips start getting really dry, so put a lot of cream at night. Even if you don’t apply cream to your face, apply something on your lips

Your lips are the most sensual part on your face and a full, well-shaped mouth looks very attractive. Like your under- eye area, lips also have no oil glands and the lip skin is very thin. So, dry lips are one of the first signs of ageing that you may notice. Also, a change in climatic conditions can make your lips look dry.

The Ideal Lips

The upper lip is more projected but less wide compared to your lower lip. It has a well-defined white role (the white raised border of the lip) along the border, the Cupid’s bow is well defined and the corners straight or slightly upturned. The perioral rhytids, meaning lines around the mouth, are also called ‘smokers lines’ which lead to the lipstick bleeding out.

The philtral columns are the two parallel. raised lines from the central septum of nose to the cupid’s bow of the upper lip and should have a slight projection to give you beautiful lips. The skin around the mouth is smooth and plump.


As you grow older, your lips start getting really dry, so put a lot of cream at night. Even if you don’t apply cream to your face, apply something on your lips. Post 40, even the skin around the lips starts to show signs of ageing. When applying cream on your lips, apply it a whole centimetre around the lips. In the morning, they will look really soft and plump. For lipstick, stick to creamy ones that make your lips look plump and soft.

Exfoliate Before You Hydrate

Wet your lips properly. Then move your fingers in a circular motion all over your lips to slough oil the dead skin. You can even use your facial scrub to do this. Exfoliate lips every night and then apply the moisturizer. If your lips are too dry and chapped, then apply cream at night and exfoliate in the morning. The dead skin cells will come off easily.

At Your Skin Doctor’s

There are fillers today which can be used aesthetically to make your lips look full and well-defined. You can play with the filler to just define your lip line. plump up the body of your lips, shape it up or just hydrate without adding volume. If you’ve got smoker lines, then filler, Botox and laser are good options for you.


Got chapped lips? Stop licking or smacking them this instant — it will only aggravate the condition. Moreover, you will get pigmented lips and a black border around your mouth. If your lips fee’ dry, wash them and apply a rich cream.

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