Break Free From Hair Breakage

Break Free From Hair Breakage

Apart from hair fall, hair breakage is another concern that keeps bothering one, every now and then. While, keeping your hair tangle-free and smooth can help solve this woe – fulfilling a few nutritional deficiencies can also be the answer to reduce breakage. Ways to smoothen your hair, sometimes lies in the kitchen of your home. Usted here are some quick tips for banning hair breakage with some fabulous home remedies.

Almond Aid

Hair breakage basically occurs due to a deficiency of the nutrient magnesium. Almond oil can rescue you from hair fall. as it contains magnesium as one of its major components and thus, prevents breakage. To get optimum results, apply warm almond oil all over your scalp and wrap it with a hot towel. Keep it on for 10-15 minutes and wash off with your favourite shampoo. You can also try applying a concoction of almond oil and avocado pulp regularly to get bouncy, voluminous tresses.

Home Spa

Make a very smooth paste of avocado pulp, ripe banana, mint leaves and honey. Apply this paste on your scalp and hair for 45 minutes to get softer and manageable hair. Banana and honey are natural moisturizers and therefore, hydrate the hair. The presence of vitamin A in avocado boosts the growth of hair and it also nourishes and prevents hair breakage. The mint leaves revive and replenish the scalp.

Leave It To The Leaves

Dandruff can cause breakage of hair too. Get rid of dandruff by boiling neem, mint and coriander leaves in one litre of water and filter it when half of it evaporates. Now, mix one tablespoon juice of onion, ginger and garlic along with a spoon of vinegar and store in a bottle. Apply it every week to keep hair breakage, hair fall and dandruff at bay.

Nourish And Shine

Proper nourishment is the key to keeping your hair tangle free and less prone to breakage. Apply a few drops of olive oil and mix it to soaked tulsi leaves. Apply this to your scalp before going to bed every night. These oils will smoothen up as well as deeply condition your mane. You can also follow a hot-oil massage every weekend, to do away with hair breakage forever.

Basic Care

Sometimes a result of frizzy hair – breakage can be caused by regular hair habits too. To curb this, swap your regular shampoo with a herbal one that has conditioning properties. You may also buy one after an expert’s consultation to make it work better for you. Also, make sure not to skip your conditioner at any cost to keep hair breakage away.

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