The Most Common Aesthetic Surgery

The Most Common Aesthetic Surgery

“Liposuction has become the most common aesthetic surgery all over the world and is one of the most popular body contouring modalities offered”

The quest for humans to accomplish the perfect body makes liposuction a very useful tool for the process. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure through which excess fat deposits are removed from below the skin with the help of suction to achieve an optimal shape and figure.

This surgery has become the most common aesthetic surgery all over the world and is one of the most popular body contouring modalities offered. So, if body contouring is what you desire, for a perfect body, here’s how the liposuction procedure can help you achieve your goal without boring diets and exercise.

The Procedure

After a thorough history, physical examination and discussion with patient, the concerned areas are marked. However, for liposuction, a person should have stable body weight, should not be morbidly obese and should not have serious cardiopulmonary issues. The procedure can be done under local, regional or general anaesthesia whereby, the unwanted fat between the skin and muscles is sucked out, with the help of very small diameter metal tubes called cannulas through very tiny cuts which are made in concealed areas of the body near the fat deposits.

Over the years, the technique of liposuction has undergone tremendous advancement. Various modalities like ultrasound waves, LASER and high frequency vibration energy have been invented and used to break the fatty tissue before the suction of the tat. However, manual liposuction is still the most commonly used technique.

After The Procedure
After the surgery, the patient can be discharged on the same or next day. There may be a small amount of pain after the surgery but this can be controlled with medications. The swelling subsides in three weeks and the results appear alter approximately three to six months of the surgery. The patient needs to wear a tight pressure garment for three months which is either readymade or can be custom-made according to the area of surgery as this helps to reduce the swelling as well as makes the skin shrink and tighten, improving the shape of the body.

Downtime Period And Before/Aftercare

Before the surgery, the patient should not be on any homeopathic or other medications which makes the blood thin. Also, it’s advisable to stop smoking alcohol for at least tour weeks prior to the surgery. Routine investigations for anaesthesia are done before the surgery.

The patient can resume daily household activities the next day of the surgery and work in two to three days. He/she can also resume heavy activities after one month or one and a half month. No special care is required after the surgery.

Changes In Food Habits
Following a healthy diet and healthy eating habits will have a positive long-term impact on the result of the surgery and also on the overall health of the patient. A dietician consult the patients and imparts advice regarding the diet plan, things which should be avoided, the timing of the food and the contents of the diet according to the patient’s taste and preference etc.

Sessions Required
After the surgery, the fat cells are removed so the result can last for a long time if the patient follows a good healthy diet, implements lifestyle changes and does regular exercise which is a very important part of the plan. If the body fat deposit area is very large and large amounts of fat is to be removed, it is advised to do the procedure in two or three stages, so that it becomes safer for the patient. Even if the fat gets deposited again in a few years, the surgery can be repealed safely.

Side Effects
As with any invasive procedure there are few complications that can occur after liposuction, but fortunately most are minor and temporary ones like bruising, collection of blood or fluid below the skin, infection, excessive pain, numbness, irregularities on skin (lumps and bumps) and hyperpigmentation. Nevertheless, some rare but serious complications can also occur like cardiopulmonary problems, deep vein thrombosis, drug toxicity and perforation of abdominal organs.

The Results
The results of the surgery is long lasting, provided patients follow a healthy lifestyle, diet and do regular exercise as these things are an Integral part of transformation. Hence, there are many patients who feel a very positive change in their body shape, which motivates them to continue following a good healthy lifestyle.

Newer Trends
Liposuction is very effectively used as a body transformation tool in terms of procedures like creating six pack abs in males or turtle tummy in females, as filler material over an ageing face, breast enhancement, butt enhancement, treatment of depressed scars by fat injection etc. Also, technology and medical science is continuously emerging to make liposuction surgery more useful and safe.

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