The Metrosexual Man Is Here To Stay

The Metrosexual Man Is Here To Stay

Over the last decade or so, we have witnessed a remarkable shift in the attitudes of men towards beauty and appearance. It would be wrong to say that men are not concerned about their appearance but in all honesty, they are. What has changed in recent years is the tact that social acceptability about men’s desire for beauty has increased. Liberalization in the 90s and not just economic liberalization, also opened the society to external influences and helped change norms and challenge beliefs. The generation that grew up in the 1990s is now crafting its own rules.

Men who seek beauty enhancing treatments are no longer ridiculed for lacking in machismo. The metrosexual man is here to stay and a number of factors have lead to this. One is social transformation and greater visibility of women that challenged existing beliefs of gender roles. This change has not only benefited women but also helped men embrace their softer side. Greater exposure to showbiz is another factor. Rising awareness about new age cosmetic procedures is also a by effect of the same.

Today, we see many male celebrities endorsing fairness creams; this was unimaginable two decades back. Also, working on enhancement and upkeep and not necessarily feminizing the male face in the hands of experts has lead to the comfort factor. For example, the strategy is completely different to work with Botox and fillers on a male tace.

The wedding season in our country is still dominated by brides seeking beauty enhancing cosmetic procedures but the number of grooms seeking assistance is also on the rise. During the wedding season that typically starts in November and goes on till March, the footfalls at beauty clinics increase by up to 20-25 per cent as compared to other months of the year. Out of this, 30 per cent is accounted for by grooms and 70 per cent by the brides. Ten years back, this percentage would have been 10 per cent for men and 90 for women.

Men who seek beauty enhancing treatments are no longer ridiculed for lacking in machismo

What Do Men Want?

Men are mostly worried about acne scars which they ignored through their teens, frown lines, pigmentation and hair loss. Some men also worry about excess body hair and look for treatments to get rid of it permanently. A recent report has revealed that the fastest- growing non-surgical procedures sought out by men are Botox and soft-tissue fillers like Juvéderm. Skin rejuvenation procedures like diamond polishing, oxygen therapies. hair renewal procedures like platelet rich plasma are also sought after nowadays.

Acne is one of the most striking skin problems men experience and fret over. A number of men visit dermatologists to look for treatments to cure them. While anti-acne treatments involve antibiotics, both topical and oral, laser skin procedures are helpful ¡n removing scars left by breakouts. They are also helpful in treating pigmentation and since men like to get everything done in one shot, micro-needling gives faster results.

Dull and dry looking skin is something both men and women want to get rid of. And facial glow is desired by both men and women. Since men prefer treatments with lower downtime, they often prefer skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid-based tillers like Juvederm which replenish hydration and make skin glow. The procedure takes only 15-20 minutes and lasts several months. Oxygen therapies and vitamin infusion procedures in which pure oxygen and vitamins are administered into the skin to renew and rejuvenate it is also a popular choice among men.

Wrinkles, lines on the forehead and signs of ageing not only worry women but men too. This is why a lot of men believe in Botox. Again, a 15-20 minutes procedure, it works by relaxing the muscles that create wrinkles. The creases on the forehead, wrinkles around the eyes, droopy eyebrows and shaping of the jawline can all be done with Botox.

Since a hairy body is not in, anymore, many men want to sport a clean look and opt for laser hair removal solutions. Some men also worry about excess facial hair and search for treatments to reduce the same, permanently. Laser hair reduction can be used by such people who want their beard to appear more groomed and less thick.

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