Get Beautiful In 7 Easy Ways

Get Beautiful In 7 Easy Ways

No matter how hard we try, today’s hectic lifestyle makes it difficult for our body to retain its glow, but a proper and healthy diet regime and some natural beauty treatments can help you maintain your beauty as well as health. Here are some super effective home remedies for a healthy, beautiful body.

Tips For A Healthy/Beautiful Body

Eat Well

We often skip essential meals by eating out and ignore our body’s nutritional needs which makes the skin lose its lustre. Therefore, it is advisable to have a wholesome meal that includes vegetables. sprouts, yoghurt. eggs etc. for breakfast so that you are active and energized throughout the day.

Super Salad

For wholesome nutrition, steam a bowl of sprouts in a microwave, add chopped red and yellow peppers, tomato, onion, green chillies and mix well. Now garnish with ground paneer, lemon juice and salt. The sprouts will fulfil the protein needs of your body while the vegetables are excellent for your skin. Besides, paneer is a great calcium source. The lemon will make your skin glow with health as it is rich in vitamin C.

TLC For Your Feet

As your feet first show signs of ageing. regular nourishment and massages are necessary to keep the skin on the feet, young. For getting smooth, soft feet try this home remedy. Make a mixture containing equal amounts of lemon juice. rose water and glycerine and apply it after thoroughly washing your feet.

Natural Bleach

Curd is a natural bleaching agent that deep cleanses the skin. It’s wonderful for oily skin and can be added to any scrub or pack. To brighten tanned arms, add one tablespoon of bran and one tablespoon of chickpea flour along with curd and apply it like a mask all over your hands. Keep it for half an hour and rub off in the opposite direction of hair growth to remove the dead skin. Now, wash with cool water to reveal fairer looking arms. Moisturize the arms using a water-based lotion. If you are a victim of dark elbows, you may try rubbing lemon juice on them and make sure to add half a teaspoon of salt and sugar to it. Wash oft to flaunt dean and fairer looking elbows.

Banana Spa

This remedy is a boon for women with dry skin and especially during the winters. Beat a mashed banana and milk together so that it forms a thick paste. Add a few drops of lemon and half teaspoon of calamine powder and apply. Wash oft for smoother textured skin. Regular use will give desirable results.

Fruit Boost

We all have the urge to eat something every now and then. But instead of having oily food that is fried, having an apple or orange as a midday snack is a wiser choice. Besides the fact that they hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, the very smell of a fruit can prove quite de-stressing too. Therefore, carrying a pie-washed fruit in your bag is advisable. especially when you do not have access to healthy snack options. One can also have a glass lull of fresh fruit juice like pomegranate to brighten the skin tone from within.

Spa Experience At Home

Make your body feel amazing with this skin lightening body scrub – add gram flour, sandalwood, orange peel powder and turmeric to a bowl and mix with rosewater, olive oil and milk. Apply this paste and rub against the direction of hair growth to scrub oft impurities. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash away with cold water. After this, nourish your body from deep within, by indulging in a hot oil body massage for a spa-like experience at home.

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