Plastic Surgery: Desires Practicalities And Cosmetic Surgery

Desires Practicalities And Cosmetic Surgery

“A plastic surgeon starts off with whatever exists as the patients’ features and therefore cannot be expected to change a person’s nose, mouth or lips to make it look totally different”

One often hears of incidents that include people being so obsessed with their idols (Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson to name the most popular ones) that they even go ahead and have their faces changed to resemble them! However, one must remember that icons invariably rely on several props which make them look the way they do. Point in example, Elvis’ sideburns and MJ’s iconic sequined glove. It only requires another person to adorn these to get halfway there already. A plastic surgeon starts oft with whatever exists as the patients’ features – be it the nose, mouth or lips. He/she cannot be expected to change it to look totally different, just as ¡t is impossible to make tea out of coffee powder.

Choose Cosmetics Carefully

Ladies And Cosmetic Surgeries
Women too try and change their appearance to please their unrealistic husbands. Unfortunately and quite often, it is to try and hold on to a philandering partner. Needless to say, these ladies need to be discouraged from surgery as the two issues have no bearing on each other, whatsoever. Cosmetic surgery is not known to have changed people’s characters.

A Personal Desire
As people begin to live longer and healthier lives, they also wish to restore their appearance to a younger, more youthful look. ‘If I feel like a 50-year-old. why should I look 65?’ Now, this s a better reason to effect the changes in one’s appearance – a personal desire to deal with a ‘problem’ that is bothering one on a daily basis. Of course, one assumes that the patient is otherwise medically fit, to undergo the surgery that ¡t entails. Because surgery it is, with its associated discomfort, downtime, expenditure, scars and complications too. So, it’s up to the surgeon to explain all of the above with integrity and honesty before agreeing to take up a patient for surgery.

Advanced Cosmetic Treatments

The Practicalities
People at large have become more readily accepting of cosmetic surgery and this acceptance exists across all socio-economic borders. Patients from all quarters of life approach a plastic surgeon to find out about cosmetic surgery. With an improvement in financial well-being, comes the desire to spend some of that money on one’s looks. As long as the demand is a realistic one and the surgeon feels confident of having understood what the patient is asking for, plus the knowledge that the request is surgically achievable, it should be known that there is absolutely no harm in undergoing this surgery.

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