Advanced Cosmetic Treatments

Advanced Cosmetic Treatments

Summer is almost over and now is the time to splurge on your skin. Remove your tan you acquired and plan the peel you have always wanted to get done but couldn’t because of the scorching heat. Our skin thirsts for special treatments to reveal its essence in all its glory. Try these wonderful soul-lifting treatments this season for the ultimate rejuvenation of your skin and to reveal a more beautiful you.

Vampire Facelifts

This is a treatment performed with your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) taken from your blood. It is coated onto the skin after micro-needling it with a dermaroller. The PRP, as well as the micro-wounds caused by micro needles, stimulate collagen which is an important structure in your skin that gives skin the firmness and support it needs. With age, collagen disappears from underneath the skin. The benefits of this treatment include reduced lines, reduced scars on the face and firm, glowing, rejuvenated skin.

Skin Boosters

Mesotherapy, is given deep with a very light hyaluronic acid gel into the layers of the skin. The benefits are that hyaluronic acid gel illuminates and highlights the skin causing it to glow. When used in a certain manner in certain areas of the face, it helps to naturally highlight and contour the face just like makeup but in a more permanent way. Fine lines and scars are also reduced.

Lip Fillers

This is a treatment to enhance one’s lips, without having to go under the knife. Lip fillers are the new fad. It is a lunch time procedure which is very sate and effective to give you lips that are pouty, sensual or just classically beautiful. Uplift the drooping corners of your mouth in just 10 minutes with a single tiny injection placed on either side of the lip.


Remove the tan acquired at the end of this summer by opting for a course of skin peels. Peels help to remove outer damaged pigmented layers of the skin. This reveals skin underneath that is toned and radiant with lesser pigmentation.


Photofacials rejuvenate skin with the help of laser beams. They help tone and brighten the tace and are useful procedures to do before an upcoming event.

Liquid Facelifts

Ever wondered how it would be if you could shave off 10 years oft your age and look 30 when you are 40? It’s possible with the correct combination of Botox and tillers that are used to combat and reverse signs of ageing. Repeated expressions in the course of time with overacting muscles and reduced skin elasticity with age leads to wrinkles, Botox relaxes these muscles and thus reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Collagen loss in the tace can create shadows, causing an uneven skin resulting in a very tired, sad, older looking tace. Fillers are hyaluronic acid injections used to lift and plump volume where there is collagen loss due to age. The combination of these treatments, therefore, helps you achieve a glowing, smoother, fuller face that is the sign of youthfulness.

PRP For Hair loss

Platelet rich plasma. as it is known, is a process by which your blood is twirled to collect the platelets suspended in plasma. These platelets have the function of repairing tissues and stimulating growth, so they are injected into the scalp where there is hair loss. Suitable for both men and women and for the young and old, it’s a treatment to look forward to, as the results are simply awesome. Increased hair growth. increased thickness of existing hair and strengthened roots are all benefits of this treatment.

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