Make-up Products That Can Make You Fall ILL

Make-up Products That Can Make You Fall ILL

“It is best to store lipsticks in a refrigerator, as it slows down the process of the breakdown of essential oils and parabens that prevent germs”

Cosmetics occupy a very important place in a woman’s lite. She uses various kinds of make up to look beautiful and attractive, but many are unaware of the fact that these cosmetics can backfire and make you fall ill. Hence, here are some make-up products that can make you fall sick.


A girl’s best companion, lipstick is a must, in any vanity case. There is no woman in this world, who will not have at least three-four shades of lipstick. But what people don’t realize is it does not last forever. The shelf life of a lipstick is 18 months and alter that time period, irrespective of its cost, it should go straight into the bin. It might look fine even after two years, but sensitive skin might develop sores and spots. Also, it is best to store lipsticks in a refrigerator as it slows down the process of breakdown of essential oils and parabens that prevent germs.

Eye pencils

The most delicate feature and sensitive organ of the body are your eyes. So, safeguarding them against external harm is quite important. You can protect your eyes against the sunrays with expensive glares, but the question that remains is, how do you protect your eyes from the cosmetics you use, to enhance them? Many ingredients are used in the production of cosmetics. And, are these cosmetics safe for your eyes? Eye pencils can be cleaned easily by sharpening it but, they can still cause problems. So, make sure you do not apply the eye pencil to your inner lash line and replace it every 15 months.


If you are a regular user of foundation, replace it every six months because usually a foundation lasts only for 12 months. It is not just the liquid foundation that causes problems, mineral foundations can also cause issues, so consult a dermatologist if you find that it is causing you any sort of skin irritation.

Make-up Brushes

You spend a great deal of time and money on cosmetics, but you may often side-line a very important component and that is your make-up brush. Make up brushes should be regularly cleaned as they carry the most germs! Also, make-up brushes should be stored in a germ-tree case and the excess powder should never be blown off the brush as the germs from the mouth settle on the brush and lead to skin problems.


Mascara is of prime importance when accentuating the eyes but the extensive use of a mascara tube leads to the development of severe eye infections. Hence, it is advised to replace mascara every four months.

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