Best Hair Care Tips For Working Women

Best Hair Care Tips For Working Women

“Hair serums with added sunscreens with SPF ranging from 15 to 30 are ideal as they make hair smoother as well as protect it from sunlight”

Inevitably, impressions are based on your appearances and a well-groomed appearance, always works in your favour. Nevertheless, being well -groomed is not complete without good hair care. But in today’s times, women juggle highly demanding careers along with family life and in the process, often neglect their own well-being.

For working women, amid meeting deadlines at work, managing the house and raising children, caring for hair on a daily basis becomes an almost impossible task, leading to several hair related problems due to several causes. Here are some of the reasons you have hair woes.

Causes Of Hair Problems Stress

Work stress coupled with the pressures of managing home and children can definitely take a toll on your hair and leads to hair fall and dandruff.

Pollution And Dust

Commuting to work exposes hair to dust. smoke and pollution which can make the hair tangled and prone to damage. This is more so, for women who ride two wheelers with their hair open. Commuting this way, makes hair dry, brittle and easily breakable.


Women whose work involves excessive sun exposure are prone to the adverse effects of UV rays of the sun. The UV rays affect not only the skin, but also the hair. It can strip away the black pigment. melanin from the hair shaft and predispose it to damage and discolouration.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Women who are constantly on the go, tend to have poor eating habits and this can lead to anaemia and nutritional deficiencies. Anaemia and low body iron stores are a major cause of hair fall amongst women.

Salon Procedures

Women in hospitality based jobs, acting, modelling, etc. who need to have a polished appearance at all times, undergo frequent hair styling procedures like smoothening. straightening and colouring which can result in hair damage and hair breakage.

Tips For Hair Care


It is ideal to shampoo your hair daily or on alternate days, as you may be exposed to dust, heat and humid weather. However, the frequency of hair wash depends on the nature of your scalp. Though women with a normal or oily scalp can shampoo on a daily basis, women with a dry scalp should shampoo only once or twice a week to prevent further dryness and itchiness of the scalp.

Use a mild shampoo with built- in conditioners and avoid herbal shampoos as these can worsen dryness. A mild shampoo is one which contains ingredients like sodium lauryl glucoside, sodium laureth succinate, cocoamido propyl betaine, cocamide MEA and cocamide OEA.

Avoid shampoos with sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate which are considered harsh and are now replaced by better surfactants. On days when you are hard-pressed for time and even shampooing becomes a difficult task, opt for dry shampoos’ to reduce the oily sensation.


Conditioning your hair is a must, irrespective of the type of scalp you have. A conditioner helps to seal the cuticles and prevents damage from external factors.


Keep the hair covered during travel to prevent dust and harsh effects of sunlight. Hair serums with added sunscreens with SPF ranging from 15 to 30 are ideal as they make your hair smoother as well as protect it from sunlight.


Oiling the hair is a deep rooted aspect of Indian tradition and coconut oil has been shown to have molecules of a smaller size which can permeate the hair shaft and is thus, considered better in comparison to other oils. Also, oiling your hair before shampooing is very important as it seals the cuticles and protects the hair shaft against the chemicals in the shampoos. A common myth Is that the longer you leave the oil on your hair, the better the effect. But oiling the hair for about half an hour to one hour before shampooing, is ideal.


A diet rich in proteins, biotin and iron helps in maintaining healthy hair. Since a lack of time is the common reason why working women opt for poor dietary options, try to incorporate practical diet plans so that you can stick by them.

Foods that are easy to prepare, carry and those which can be had on the go like nuts! dry fruits can help in the long run. Eggs, almonds/nuts, dairy products, green leafy vegetables and wholegrains are five items which are great sources of protein, biotin and iron and can be taken daily for healthy hair growth.

Hair Supplements

A daily supplement containing 5mg of biotin, L-cysteine and L-methionine (amino acids in hair keratin) can be taken for one-two months after consulting a dermatologist to maintain healthy hair. Healthy and lustrous hair is every woman’s wish and with a little extra care and a good diet, this wish can definitely come true.

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