Top Winter Skincare Tips

Top Winter Skincare Tips

“Ensure that the moisturizer you use is not too heavy or it will make your skin look dark and oily”

With the onset of the winter season comes skin complaints like dryness, itching, redness, roughness, loss of normal skin texture etc. And the cold weather is bound to have some harsh effects on your skin making it dry and dull. So here are some useful skin care tips to bring out your natural glow and to make your skin look soft, supple and luscious.

Befriend Moisturizer

Regularly moisturize your skin because during winters, it’s best to use emollients that help your skin get back to normal as the cool breeze may strip the essential moisturizers from your skin. A good moisturizer is what your skin requires and it will be great if you make it your best friend to help your skin cope better with winter. Apply and reapply when needed and as per the requirement of your skin. However, ensure the applied moisturizers are not too heavy, or it will make your skin look dark and oily. Opt for a gel to cream base emollient that is suitable for all types of skin.

Try Face Oils

Applying face oils to replenish and moisturize the skin is an age-old method and applying bio oil is the latest trend. This oil enriches your skin with its anti-ageing properties and provides nourishment as well. Thus, you can also rely on it to get glowing skin, as it otters a protective layer on your skin.

Have A Quick Bath

No matter how much you love hot showers in the cold weather, it is better you keep it short. The longer you bathe, the more you will wash oft the natural oil from your body, leaving your skin dry. And this could be more damaging it you already have dry skin. The excess use of soaps can also be harmful for your skin, It is best to use lukewarm water for bathing.

Avoid Excessive Exfoliation

Excessive exfoliation may strip the natural oil from your body since your skin is already dry during this season. So, it is best to avoid it as it can also cause redness. Use gentle exfoliators like oatmeal, coffee powder etc. and seal your skin with a superb moisturizing cream.

Eat Healthy

There are plenty of f wits and vegetables to eat during winter and most of these are full of good nutrients and thus, very nutritious. So, try to eat as much of these healthy foods, because whatever you eat reflects on your skin. Foods high in omega 3 fatty acids are helpful for smoother and younger looking skin and fish like salmon and tuna contain high amounts of this healthy fat, Also. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Nuts and seasonal veggies too, are great for your skin during winters. However, say no to starchy and sugary foods that will not only make your stomach bloat but will also cause acne, eczema and wrinkles too.

Exercise Regularly

When it comes to skin health, the role of exercise cannot be overlooked. Exercise increases blood flow and this help nourish skin cells. Moreover, blood carries oxygen and other nutrients to the cells and it also carries away waste, including free radicals from the working cells. Thus, increasing blood flow is helpful for clearing out the toxins and cleansing your skin from inside.

Venus Treatments

Presently, the most popular technology to correct dry skin along with the use of emollients is Venus Treatments. This treatment includes multipolar magnetic pulse, van pulse, square pulse and Nano Fractional technologies that offers dry skin rejuvenation leading to soft, supple, fresh, healthy skin. It is used for the face, neck and body for all above 18 years of age.

This treatment is suitable for everyone and anyone can achieve great results with each session. Depending on the need, one session is done in seven to fifteen days or monthly. And with each session the results improve. The popularity of this treatment is increasing as these devices yield biological stimulation driven results without the use of any chemical peels, harsh chemicals, strong acids, etc.

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