Success Story of a Farmer Who Adopted Integrated Farming And Earning Lakhs From a Small Piece

Farming became more interesting as new innovations were happening every day in agriculture. And by these innovations, it became easier for farmers to earn profits but still, there are some farmers who are unable to take advantage of these innovations due to lack of awareness about the new innovations.

One main reason to provide these articles on agriculture is to bring awareness to those farmers. In this article, we are going to talk about the farmer who took advantage of one of the new innovations and earned lakhs from a small piece of land. Know how he is earning profits from his land.

How Integrated Farming Has Started By G. VenkataRatnam

Venkata Ratnam is a progressive farmer and ready to adopt new technology in farming. Integrated farming is a new technology in farming these days which is increasing the productivity of crops.

Check out the discussion below about integrated farming and the farmer.

  • Venkata Ratnam is a farmer from Unguturu which is located in Eluru district. He is the one farmer who started integrated farming in his land and earning profits.
  • If you are unaware of integrated farming, it is a type of mixed farming system that produces both crops and animals on one farm.
  • Through this integrated farming system, farmers get high productivity and profitability.
  • In 2007, Ratnaji started integrated farming on 5 acres of land out of 9 acres that he has. It all started with the inspiration of another farmer who already started this type of farming in 2006.
  • And in 2008, he started this farming on all 9 acres of land that he has. If you see the main aim of this farming, as every crop, fruits, and vegetables are becoming polluted, by doing integrated farming we can eat healthy and live healthy lives.
  • He says that they used multi-grain crops, at first, and then when they came to harvest they just softened the land, and then they started another type of crop.
  • With this, the land is becoming more fertile and they are helping the land to keep safe from unwanted pesticides and bacteria.
  • Besides that, Ratnaji used an Amber made of a mixture of different ingredients like turmeric, saffron, garlic, ginger, and different types of leaves. He used to ferment the mixture for 41 days, filter the Amber, and spray it on the crop. He used different types of ambers for soil fertility, to avoid pests as well.

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From Different Varieties of Paddy to Horticulture Crops

Ratnaji started Paddy along with that he used to cultivate many varieties of leafy vegetables, turmeric, ginger, banana, coconut, and many other types of fruits and vegetables that are needed in everyday households.

  • Ratnaji says that they are also cultivating different types of fish, namely Koramenu or Murrel fish, Rohu (Seelavathi), catla fish, and Chinese pomfret (Rupuchanda)  by using their own organic feed.
  • And he also says that he uses his own pesticides organically for pests and bacteria.
  • By doing this Integrated farming system, Ratnaji is earning approximately Rs.3.72 lakhs Per year for one and a half acres of land from a total of 9 acres.

Key Outcomes

Ratnaji says that he is taking a lot more profits from this Integrated farming technique than from normal farming techniques. And his success is also an inspiration for lot many young farmers who are leaving farming due to low returns but all it takes is hard work and the adoption of new technology.

To know more about this cultivation, to have a deep look into this integrated farming, and for any further details, you can contact 9121147782.


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