Farmer Cultivating X5 Plus Paddy Variety Rice In 4 Acres of Land And Expects to Get 40 Quintals of Rice Per Acre

Generally, in India most people consume rice, so we all know that paddy is the major crop for most of the farmers in India. And if you see in India if the farmer cultivates Rice crops, he gets 20 to 30 Quintals of Rice from one acre under standard practice.

But here in this article, we are going to meet the person, who has experimented new paddy variety named X5 plus on his agricultural land and expects to get 40 Quintals of rice per acre.

We will look into more details about this farmer and about this X5 Plus paddy variety rice.

Story About Paddy Farmer Rangeri Shankar

We are going to see the story of a farmer Rangeri Shankar who is experienced in cultivating rice varieties in his field. And recently he has started cultivating new paddy rice varieties in his 4 acres of land.

We will look into the details of that crop and about him below.

  • Rangeri Shankar is a paddy farmer in Shalipeta village, of Shankarampet mandal which is located in the Medak district.
  • He was in this field, for 15-20 years, and normally he cultivates paddy in summer and rainy seasons with many rice varieties.
  • But recently, he has experimented on a new paddy variety named X5 Plus on his four acres of land and expects to get a good yield.

X5 Plus Paddy Variety Rice

This X5 Plus paddy variety rice is a new variety of rice that gives a good yield compared to other rice varieties. The farmer explains some of its benefits too. Check the below points for it.

  • Rangeri Shankar while explaining about this new variety of rice seed, says that this is the best crop that I have seen in my experience.
  • In previous varieties, he used to spray a lot of pesticides and chemicals on their crop but in this seed variety, they were not required to spray any chemicals on their crop.
  • But he says that they sprayed light chemicals on their crop in the starting stage due to afraid of getting any pests to their crop.
  • As he has 4 acres of land, he used only this variety of seed in all the 4 acres.
  • And he says that he used 2 bags of seeds for each acre. Each bag has 3 kgs of rice.
  • Farmer used to get 10 Quintals profit in this seed variety than previous rice varieties that he used.

Final Outcomes

Hope that the information we have shared about the X5 Plus Paddy Variety Rice Seed has shed some light on you. With this seed variety farmer was very happy as he was expected to get more profit than previous varieties.

Farmer says that, till now in 15 years of experience this is the highest profit he was expecting to get. If you want more information about this seed variety you can contact 9666364912, 9948259595.

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