At 82, India’s Mango Man Grows a Staggering 1600 Varieties on His Unique Farm

Got a smile on your face while reading the title, Right? Yes, you have read the correct word “Mango Man”. Meet Mango Man and know the history of this man and how he is growing 1600 varieties of mangoes on his farm. The most interesting thing about this mango man is he grows hundreds of mango varieties only from a single tree.

Check out the article below and learn the inspiring story of 82 YO, popularly called Mango Man all over India.

Interesting Story of the Mango Man Who is the Father of Different Varieties of Mangoes

Haji Kalimullah Khan is a person from Mahilabad, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and if you are interested to know how he has grown these many varieties of trees from a single mango tree it is shocking when everyone listened to it. Look into it below.

  • Haji Kalimullah Khan, 82 Years old man is a school dropout in childhood and started to look into the farm at a small age.
  • When he was a teenager, he did his first experiment on grafting, what he does was he plugged one plant into another and developed a new mango variety. At that time he was in
  • In the early stages, he implemented seven varieties of mangoes from a single tree. But unfortunately, it came down due to a storm.
  • Since 1987, he has introduced 300 varieties of mango fruit each with its own taste, texture, size, and color.
  • All these varieties came from a single 120-YO tree.
  • He was also interested in naming his varieties of mangoes. For the earliest varieties, he was named “Aishwarya” after the Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachan became a Miss World winner.
  • When he asks the media, why he has selected that name, he replies, that the mango is as beautiful as an actress.
  • Khan says that the mango of that name weighs one kilo and also it has a crimson of its outer skin, and it tastes very sweet.
  • For one variety he has named our Prime minister name, Narendra Modi, and for one variety he has named Sachin Tendulkar which is very funny to listen to and also interesting.
  • Coming to one more variety that has two layers of different skin and two different pulps each with a distinctive arome is named “Anarkali”.
  • Daily khan will get up early in the morning and he walks till he reaches the mango tree which is 30 feet tall and has extensive branches.
  • This tree not only gives fruits in the season of summer, but it also provides a pleasant shade for summer.
  • No two fingerprints are same, in the same way, no two mango varieties are the same says Khan.
  • As he has huge popularity for his mangoes, he even got padma shri in 2008 as he had made a valuable contribution to India in horticulture.

Key Outcomes

Khan says “ For the naked eye it’s just a tree, but if you see through your mind, its a tree or orchard, and the biggest mango college in the world”. And he also confidently says that “ I can even grow mangoes in a dessert”.

His goal is to spread a bit of happiness and sweetness in the world and what better way to do so than with mangoes? According to the All India Mango Growers Association, climate change is the most worrying thing for mango farmers.

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