Karnataka Farmer Grows 700 Varieties of Exotic Fruits From 40 Countries

Have you seen any person who grows 700 varieties of only exotic fruits? By looking into this article, you can learn about a person from the Kannada district who collects exotic fruits from different countries with the inspiration of his father. Interesting Right?

Look into the article below, to know about the complete story of a person and the fruits that he is growing, and much more interesting information is provided.

Inspiring Story of a Karnataka Farmer Who Is Growing 700 Varieties of Exotic Fruits From 40 Countries

Know about the Anil Balanja Fruit Farm which has been growing exotic fruits from different varieties. Look into the below points for the complete story of how it started, what he is growing and many more.

  • Anil Balanja is a person from Karnataka’s Dakshin Kannada District, as his father was a farmer, who has been growing mango and fruit varieties.
  • By seeing him Anil also got inspired and he also wanted to be a farmer and became a farmer at the age of 19.
  • He started farming by sowing the seeds of areca, coconut and rubber.
  • He made the decision to grow some other fruits to emulate his father and unlike others, he started growing exotic fruits five years ago.
  • Making a decision is not as simple as we think as growing the plants needs so much patience.
  • As exotic fruits do not come to harvest like other fruits, we need to wait for 8-15 years to start harvest.
  • Exotic fruits are nothing but the fruits that are commonly grown in the nation.
  • The plants were collected from areas of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, and a few.
  • The first foreign fruit that Balanja nas harvested on his farm was the Rollinia Deliciosa from Brazil. It is a fruit that is from seethafal family.
  • And also there are many exotic fruits that he was the first one to grow.
  • The specialty of Anil fruit farm is he has several exotic fruits of a single species. In Anil Fruit Farm, we have many varieties of fruits like 20 varieties of cherry, 30 varieties of Annonaceae, and many others.
  • Also, he keeps a detailed record of each fruit, favorable temperature to grow, scientific names, soil type, and even medicinal values.
  • He even had a collection of a variety of tubers and medicinal plants.
  • All the fruit seeds are obtained from nurseries and from international pals.
  • Grafting also helped Anil collect many varieties without losing the original character.
  • Anil grows the plants at the starting stage in the playhouse.

Key Outcomes

Today, if you see Anil’s fruit farm there are 700 varieties of exotic fruit plants on 30 acres of land. And he has been doing it for the past 20 years. And all the 700 varieties are collected from 40 different countries. If you like to contact Anil, you can get in touch with him on WhatsApp at 9448067466.

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